Gloves when fishing for catfish on Kwok

The boat shop for her water sail we discussed, now pay attention to such things as mittens.

I believe that gloves are not superfluous, but a necessary attribute in Somova fishing. It is not necessary to buy expensive. I use dvuhserijnaya simple work gloves. What are they for? If you took up fishing for catfish, you should know that his mouth full of small teeth. Stick a bare hand, unprotected by a glove, I would not recommend it. The best and convenient way: insert thumb in mouth soma and four to clasp the lower jaw from below and strongly pressed. The wrist should be slightly bend. It turns out that the catfish hangs on your four fingers. If nature had invented this place in soma to fisherman could take his hands. Best reception does not exist.

Some anglers believe that a better place than the gills, no. I can not agree. Anyone who at least once in their life have carefully examined the gills of the catfish, seen a large number of large spikes, it’s pretty sharp. Everyone knows without being told that the catfish is a slippery fish. If your hands, even in gloves, a little delving into the gills and the fish will develop resistance, there will be a strong and deep wounds that nobody wants. Reading this book, someone is bound to say that it is better to take catfish baharicom. This is complete nonsense! Explain why. What is bagorik? This is a very sharp and dangerous object, which should be at hand. During the struggle with the fish in the boat, usually fuss, mixed with excitement and delight. And this time you don’t keep track of baharicom. Awkward movement, and bagaric punches to the side of the boat. The consequences can be very sad.

Upon withdrawal soma even small size 10-15kg this is bagorik can cause injury to your hands. To keep a catfish at the expense of biorica extremely difficult. I agree, when fishing for catfish takes place from the shore. Then bagaric is needed, because the landing net in this fishing useless. But in a boat, especially inflatable, bagaric extremely dangerous. Just remember the saying: «an awl in a sack can not hide».

So after all, how to take soma in the boat safely, and without losing a lot of time and a lot of effort? To do this, strongly recommend to adopt a simple object — SWAB, which will be discussed below.

A little away from the topic of gloves, you need them. Return. The primary task of mittens, I hope, is clear. Second the need for gloves when fishing for catfish on a nylon edge. When you catch a big catfish nylon cord in your hand goes in depth with a fairly high speed. With protective gloves, you risk to remain without the skin and to be cut your own tackle. You need to give a resistance cord to the fish tired faster (about the art of fishing and the fish we’ll discuss later). Next. The cord so it slides in naked and wet hands as gloves. Hand, «shod» in the glove, it is better to hold Quoc. Because fishing accounts for more than one hour. Although arm Kwok is done under a bare hand, thus much nicer to work with gloves on.

When mounting the bait on the hook I also use gloves. Using easier to hold the bait, it doesn’t slip. Especially when fishing a frog. I take her bare hands is disgusting. And besides, after frog hands covered with some slime, and ate something on the skin starts itching. So I wear gloves from the start fishing and take them off in the end. Enough they are, however, not for long. But it’s the little things.


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