General cooking tips bait

All components of the mixturemust be thoroughly ground and sifted and to a fishing spot must be delivered in separate packages. This does not apply to millet, rice porridge, and peas. Sunflower seeds, flax, hemp and pumpkin, and nuts should be fried just before grinding. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds should fry a little stronger than for food. For grinding you can use a mixer, grinder or a meat grinder with a fine mesh.

Already on the pond, bait mixedusing a bucket or basin value 5-10l. In this capacity need to sprinkle breadcrumbs or bran. Next, pour water so that the bait is moist and after that carefully mix. Then added the following components, leaving the mess for later and clay. In this mixture the mixture should stick together in a clump when compressed. If you want you can add more water. Only after this we add the cereal and clay.

Adding essences to dilute it in two cups of water and then add to the lure by means of a spray. You can add the essence to water of dilution of bait. Powder aromatic additive should be added dry breadcrumbs or bran, just before the kneading.

When planning to fish all day, then you need to dry blend the mixture to separate into two parts. One part is diluted, and the second in the dry state remains for later. Do not leave diluted bait the next day, because it very quickly turns sour and fishing will not be suitable. If the bait is added to the maggot, it is necessary to periodically keep an eye on that, so it does not spread. Bloodworm and maggot can be added to the bait without restrictions.

It must be remembered that it is important not only which components make up the bait, but also how they added ratio. If you add in the bait drop extra rich food, aromatic essence, it can plunge to a perfect lack of bite for a long time. The approximate amount of such additives is 0.1-0.6 ml of concentrate per 3 kg of bait. It should also be added with caution only in a certain amount of connecting components with rippers. The amount of clay can be changed depending on the flow rate. With the rapid erosion of the bait, you should add clay or milled Hercules or flour. When the water depth more than 5 meters, it is better to add the bait a small amount of river sand. Do not add sand from children’s sand pits, as it often will have a strange smell that was left after the dogs and cats and it can scare the fish. If the fish in the pond a lot, it is desirable to increase the volume ratio of the bait content cheaper component, for example, millet porridge.


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