Gear used in the spring and their descriptions

As you know spring entrance are spinning, float and bottom fishing rods. Let’s look at each of these devices read more.

Float rod.

. It has several types such as:


-primary is the fishing rod


Bolognese fishing rod. The English rod is used for catching fish in rivers with slow current and calm for catching fish(bream roach and other species)

This rod is from 3.6 to 4.5 m and consists of 2 or 3 knees. She also has a robust reel seat and a convenient handle. It is enriched with a good stock crossing rings in contrast to other gear. There is also a soft, sensitive top, making gives you the opportunity to work with equipment weighing 3 to 15 kg. the bait is used in fishing line. Diameter, which is on average from 0.12 to 0.14 mm Float set up long and is attached to the one bottom point. Fixing the float on the fishing line occurs in two trubnikami on both sides.

Centrifugal rod. His name is rod took from term a throw, stroke. The length of the flight feathers of the rod ranges from 1 to 13 m. the Line is hung long and 0.1 to 0.5 m is much less than the length of the rod. These characteristics give a good opportunity for the right casting, and facilities for pulling fish.


This type of gear consists of one main rod and trailing edges. The fishing line is released from the top 0.5 to 1 m that is, if the rod has a length of 14m,it is necessary to use a fishing line with a length of 3 m In the plug rod the fish is not so necessary, as the fastening of the fishing line happens to the isolator of rubber material and reaches a length of from 0.4-3 m Male rod hard and does not bend under the weight.


Spinning in a fast rotation. This kind of tackle intended for catching of predatory fish of larger size.. it Consists of coils, lines, rods, and artificial bait. Fishing spinning is carried out with the cast in the far distance and after that once the fishing line is wound on a spool. Due reeling the lure moves in the water, producing the necessary oscillations. Thus, fishing food irritates the receptors of the fish. If the fish was not caught, then there is a new cast. If the fish has taken the bait, reel it in. After hooking is fish fish.


Such gear to catch fish from the deep. In this kind of gear is missing a float as a signal paklava. Bite on such gear are characterized by the degree of tension of the fishing line. The bottom gear is in second place after the float rods. Caught by such gear in rivers. Because, due to over fishing line on the ground is stretched. From here it follows that the leash attachment does not lie on the same place or at the bottom. But the bite as well noticeable due to the good tension.

In places where there are no currents this kind of tackle is not very convenient. As fishing line sinkers goes from sags and falls to the bottom. From here it follows that the leash attachment does not lie on the same place or at the bottom. But the bite as well noticeable due to the good tension.

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