Fuzz dog-everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Pointing dogs and spaniels are great hunters, and use them exclusively for Amateur bird hunting. All breeds of dogs data have their own characteristics. It’s not just about the difference in appearance: color, size, and quality of hunting that is very important. After all, each breed has its own style.

In different areas of the preferences vary. For example, in the southern steppe regions mostly use pointers, and prefer West setters. Also in recent years become popular spaniels.

The main important point in hunting hunting dogs have the instinct (desire dog smell to find game and point it out to the hunter). Due to this, the hunter can find the game. Flair should definitely be the top, correct and distant. The range of the sense depends not only on innate abilities, and many conditions. For example, from the meteorological circumstances, the location of the bird. The unmistakable presence of a dog track birds is a loyalty sense. When it comes to upper flair, this refers to the desire of a dog to catch a scent, such as birds.

There are some subtleties that must be present in this kind of dog. In the process of hunting, the dog must move at a gallop, not go into a trot. A search it should produce on both sides of the hunter. The cautious approach of the dog to the game is tightening, which should in future be accompanied by a stand. Strut is an important point, as the hunter determines the location of the game. It is therefore very valuable is a solid stand. The next thing is eyeliner. Here we are talking about the movement of the dog from «counter» to the game and raise it. Eyeliner is the latest phase in the hunt. Depends on the success of a hunt. Each breed has their own style of hunting, this refers to the overall harmony of the movements and reactions of the dog.

Basically what you want from a dog:

find a game;

— specify the location of the game (stand)

— after the shot to find the bird.

Cops dogs must be well behaved, then there will be the need to constantly manage it. The dog itself will react well in different situations. It should also be resistant to all weather conditions. All of these items may instill when training.

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