Full review of the shotgun WINCHESTER 1300 DEFENDER, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting is one of the favorite activities of modern men. Men, while in this process, feel real miners. But for each of them it is very important to choose exactly the weapons for hunting, they dream about.

Today we will talk about this hunting rifle like a WINCHESTER 1300 DEFENDER. This gun is manufactured by the firm of America WINCHESTER, which is famous for its products on the market for 150 years. Firm WINCHESTER is the benchmark for many producers of weapons for hunting. First gun DEFENDER series, were made with the purpose of self-defense, but later they were used as guns for hunting.

Listing the specifications of this gun, it should be noted that the shotgun WINCHESTER 1300 DEFENDER is a repeating shotguns. The total length of the weapon is 950 mm, while the length of the barrel is 450 mm. Also very important to know that the store has a capacity of 8 rounds, and the weight of all weapons is 2900 g.

The advantage of shotguns WINCHESTER 1300 DEFENDER is the fact that the length of the gun is pretty big and the trunk is very small — these features are quite comfortable. By weight of the shotgun WINCHESTER 1300 DEFENDER, is considered to be very easy, such a mass is, thanks to the lightweight receiver. If you use this gun for self defense, the weight does not play a huge importance, but if you use a gun for hunting, the weight is very important.

Recharged the gun for one second, even less, and it’s all thanks to the amazing lock barrel and a short stroke of the forearm. The WINCHESTER firm was the first company that started to manufacture a gun with pump action reloading system. The company also produced the WINCHESTER rifle, which is designed for use on the ship or near the sea. These rifles were made from special synthetic alloy. The effectiveness of this weapon had the effect of no salt, no spray, no temperature spikes. Since the temperature change appears condensate.

If we talk about the fuse shotguns WINCHESTER 1300 DEFENDER, he push blocks the trigger. An important part of the gun is the stock, made of walnut, the surface of which is processed and was given a matte gloss.

It is important to note that the shotgun WINCHESTER 1300 DEFENDER has one very important advantage is the affordable price and it plays an important role during the purchase.

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