Full review of the rifle Steyr-Mannlicher SBS 96,its characteristics and uses of accessories

Today we will talk about hunting weapons, and we have in Russia the firm, which will also be discussed, valued as a producer of great combat rifles. And during perestroika were valued and rifles for hunters.

The city of Izhevsk in recent years for hunters was associated with the brand «Baikal-Mannlicher». These carbines were manufactured under the cartridge 7,62h54r. But for the hunter the importance of these rounds to catch almost any animal. The most interesting company from the «Mannlicher» appeared in the sale of such rifles SBS 96. The wonderful thing is that the cartridges caliber .30-06 from various manufacturers with different types of bullets will create for Sagittarius excellent conditions for hunting.

A classic in hunting weapons can be called the Steyr-Mannlicher SBS 96 with a barrel length of 577 mm and a rubber butt pad in the example. However, rifled rifle Steyr-Mannlicher has its own characteristics, which are discussed below.

The breech of the rifle preadolescenti with two lugs and a rotation angle of 70°. Also, it has a chute, the manufacturer says that it will help to clean the rifle from dust, dirt, ice etc.

Three-position fuse changes its position with the lock button, recessed shot down. And in the guard position you can remove the bolt. The middle position will allow You to send or take out the cartridge and want to replace the ball without using the shop.

The dip shop Mannlicher SBS 96 holds 4 rounds of .30-06 Sprg, fifth – be sent to the trunk. Position 1 is a classic, and in position 2 — can equip 1 cartridge. To store the result in position 2, should press for bilateral latch until you hear a click pull shop. Rifle Steyr Mannlicher SBS classic most often in Russia you can meet with one trigger with no failures, with a slight move (forward).

Autumn-winter hunting showed that the accuracy and killing power of the rifle is high enough. Wild boar, elk wounded with 90 m, had positive emotions, Sagittarius. However, disadvantages were also noted: the impact is present, and the rubber on the butt pad a little help. Shooting weapons at the range in summer (windless, 100 m) ammunition .30-06 Sprg.

•RWS Dynamit Nobel ammo. Kegelspitz bullet weight 13 g (201 Gran).

Manufacturer data: the initial velocity of 735 m/sec. Shots: 5 bullets – result is 35 mm.

•Lapua Ammo. The Mega ball weighing 12 g.

Manufacturer data: initial velocity of 775 m/sec. Shots: 5 bullets – the result is 40 mm.

•Norma Ammo. The Plastic Point Bullet.

Manufacturer data: initial velocity 823 m/sec. Shots: 5 bullets – result is 35 mm.

•Ammo Hornady. The Interlock Bullet.

Manufacturer data: initial velocity of 2700 m/sec. Shots: 5 bullets – result is 35 mm.

•Ammunition Federal Premium. Bullet Nosler Ballistic Tip weight of 10.7 g.

Manufacturer’s information: initial speed – not specified. Shots: 5 bullets – result is 35 mm.

•Ammunition Winchester. Silvertip bullet weight 11,7 g

Manufacturer data: initial velocity of 747 m/s. Shots: 5 balls «formed» is the result of: 50 mm.

•Ammunition Winchester. The Pointed Soft Point bullet weight 8,1 g

Manufacturer data: initial velocity of 957 m/sec. Shots: 5 bullets – the result is 30 mm.

ProClarity and lightweight, easy to use, the «classic carbine» has withstood a lot of ammo and showed good results. And with the recoil you can handle, just having a little…

The conclusion is simple: carbine Steyr-Mannlicher SBS 96 chambered in .30-06 Sprg you can safely buy the hunter in the Russian Federation.

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