From the experience of summer carp fishing

Fishing for carp is carried out in any weather. Periodically feeding place, and then you need to make cutting. Be prepared for a meeting with carp, as it also dwells in these places.

Fishing for carp starts in may and continues all summer, however, in August the biting is getting slightly worse. Carp – fish is not fastidious. For him the main thing – warm water. He can earn one in any body of water, even where other fish are not. He usually eats and can be in silt soil. And if the pond is clean, the carp in there. Karas takes on a nozzle, pea black, or white bread dough with oil), maggots, dung worm and cereal. For catching him, you must, of course, a rod with a light long rod. Line thickness zero twenty – five, zero thirty millimeters. Hooks numbers four and five on a leash with a thickness of zero to fifteen millimeters. Floats better than cork or from the pen. Reacts very well to take a feather chickens, fastened only the bottom line. When you touch the fish to the nozzle it falls or drowning. Under the float and the sinker is chosen, it May happen that it will not need to. For carp the nozzle need to keep on weight. The bite is very different from the size of the fish. Knowing these differences, you can assume which instance trying to grab the hook. So small Karasik very slowly diverts towards the float, then a little faster and then stops. This is the time for sweeps. Medium and slightly larger than bite so that the float trembles, jumps, and falls into the water. The time sweeps is understandable. Very large carp leads-leads float and finally drown him. If late and not hooking, then he will leave. Once the carp is on the leash he obeys the will of the fisherman, but if it’s big, you should be careful and write it very carefully. For catching carp should be cleaned from grass and «lure» the place as the carp scare the other fish, especially pike, but because to clean the place, as a rule, does not work. Big carp catch near the shore, but only at night. Well catch him with the boat, setting it on the length of casting rods to driftwood, bushes, among the reeds. Most productive fishing is from dawn until nine or ten o’clock in the afternoon. There are days when carp good bite in the afternoon, but with full sun. Continued the biting occurs at dawn.

By following these basic rules, showing care and dexterity, you will always be with the fish. Success!

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