From the choice of fishing line depends on the catch

Line called artificial almost transparent thread that is used to catch fish. It carries the main load when the tackle gets a unique instance of production, which dreams of every angler. And if you survive the fishing line, fishermen will suffer luck.

What kind of fishing line is better to choose?

Fishing line fishing rods and reels

If the fisherman importantly the process of catching, not the result, it is better for your gear to choose a monofilament fishing line. She is well stretched in the water, not resist it, so the spinner surface, and the bait will be near the bottom. But because of insufficient strength of the monofil fish can get off the hook.

But interwoven fine threads, composed of a fishing line strong enough hold and powerful instance of the production. Braided line will help the angler to feel the bite even at a considerable distance, and it is much longer than monofilament, for two to three seasons. When it is only necessary to provide high quality material of the rings for the passage of the thread from spinning, otherwise the braided line will fray. And thin strands braided fishing line did not razlomalis, it is better to use it on waters with a sandy bottom and nicamente banks without snags.

Fluorocarbon line difficult to distinguish from the monofilament, it according to its qualities it is very similar, but this kind of filament is quite fragile. Although it has some advantages: not erased on the rocks, not stretched and not wet in the water and really discreet.

Selection rules of the fishing line

Choosing the right fishing line, the fisherman can hope for a good catch and will be able to catch that one fish, the size of which will frighten even him.

Let’s try to define the parameters of an ideal scaffold:

The thickness of the fishing thread plays a big role, because on this depends its strength. Thin fishing line is good because it is almost invisible in the water but the big fish, not to catch. Spreading fat worm, the fisherman hopes that he will bite, and the corresponding instance. And for this line it is necessary to choose thicker diameter. The best option is 6 – 7 millimeters.

The transparency of the filament is important, so it is better to choose a thread with a coating of fluorocarbon.

Buying fishing line, you need to pay attention to her appearance. The matte finish of the thread says about the age of the material, and, hence, unreliable.

Soft, supple fishing line will not make the fish wary in the capture of bait. But when used in fishing crankbaits fit only hard thread.

The calibration thread, too, must be perfect, no bulges or thin spots. Before you buy fishing line, these qualities should definitely check.

Choice of thread color is also important. For grassy bottom will fit a green, sand – yellow-brown. But transparent or rainbow line will come in handy when fly fishing on all waters.

Manufacturer of fishing lines also need to choose cleverly. Many prefer the Japanese firms because their fishing line is durable, elastic. Of the domestic producers allocate fishing thread that is produced in the town of Klintsy. Price plays a significant role in the choice of a fishing thread. Inexpensive monofilament, and other types of more expensive. But cheap or expensive does not mean quality. Here, each individually, depending on the purpose of fishing and your wallet.

But I want to say that there is no perfect fishing line, so it’s best each season to update it. Otherwise the thread will be under constant stay in the water and in the tense form becomes rough, begins to twist in the water, and tackle with this fishing line will not work in fly fishing.

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