Fresh–dry method of preserving skins of

Since ancient times, the preservation of the skins of fur animals is popular. Depending on the animal species and the duration of storage of skins vary from several types of conservation. The types of conservation are different from the further use of skins, it can be for sale or for their own needs. In the case of violations of the requirements of conservation and of non-compliance of the processing techniques can lead to lower prices of products.

The most popular method of preserving fresh-dry. It is divided into several categories:


— full (applicable in case of prolonged storage of hides);

partial (used in the case of short-term storage of skins).

Fresh-dry method of preservation is to dry the skins on pravicah, in the absence of them. Drying is carried out in a dry place at temperature not above 35 degrees Celsius. It is strictly forbidden to carry out the drying near the furnace. In case of exceeding the drying temperature will be welding the skin, which can lose beneficial properties and will become worthless.

Types profilok

During drying of the skins use various types like. At the moment there are 4 types:

— wedge-shaped;

— claw;

— sliding;


— vented;

Pravilki used in different sizes depending on the size of the skin. On folding is a removal of a stocking, all the other tube.

The most popular and frequently used province — ventilated. This type profilok accelerates drying and thus a higher quality. It exists the possibility of drying the skins with a slightly damp fur.

Location of skins on province.

The pelt flesh side out on profilco wear a certain size. In line with the spine placed in the middle, you don’t need to stretch it. It is very important to make sure the fur is not taken lumps.

The lower lip is attached by several small nails, nose fits over the end pravilki and fix with nails. Mandatory element, regardless of the debate, there is a lining in the front paws cardboard tabs. Then the legs straightened and fixed on the straps, sides gently hammered for durable fixation. His hind legs straightened on province from the ventral side. This arrangement persists until the end of drying to keep the shape. Note that the tail is fixed on the separate plate.

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