Four of the most popular options of hunting hares

Not every hunter is able to hunt rabbits with hounds. However, this is not a reason to stop hunting.

There are several ways to hunt hares:

The first way — hunting approach. It is, most often, when the snow has not fallen or when snow is already a lot of traces.

For this type of hunting requires three conditions:

1. A large number of birds;

2. The presence of places where rabbits like to lie down to rest;

3.Sturdy legs of the hunter. As you will need to walk a lot.

The second way — hunting in ozerko.

For this type of hunting required conditions such as:

1.Warm winter weather;

2.The patience of the hunter;

3.The ability to easily distinguish the hare from the surrounding objects.

This type of hunting is possible after a little warming and the melting of snows, when the hare was replaced by white fur. Usually this type of hunting takes place in forests and forest clearings. Since on a background of black land white rabbits become very visible, but they can often be confused with the stumps of birch.

The third method of tracking. This hunting method is characterized by the fact that you need to find the trail and follow it to maturation of the hare.

For this type of hunting should be 3 conditions:

1.Open lands (field, cut down the forest)

2.The hunter must be able to understand the intricacies of the tracks.

3.The ability to distinguish old tracks from new ones.

Hare by night runs a lot, and it is easier to find than the hare.

The trail is fresh (morning and night) the tracks left by the rabbit when he

the night goes on utility bills. Also this type of hunting not only allows us to find the hare, but to learn more about the slanting, snow-covered ground often leaves the character traits of the hare.

The fourth and last method is hunting for hares with the blind.

For this type of hunting, we need such conditions as the

1. The time is late autumn;

2. Night or morning;

3. It is desirable that the area was open.

The hare is most often currently of the year, is on the sidelines, as there’s plenty of food for him, and hunters have the chance to easily lay a couple Grand. Also

the night should be warm and the moon (light). If not, then even at five meters you can not see the hare and fluff on it. This type of hunting is rarely successful, since the night often difficult to see sneaks oblique.

You also need to know a few rules.

1. If you wounded hare he would need some time to trace, it will be as easy as it may appear the characteristic marks of blood.

2. To shoot the hares need to be shot № 3, 2 or 1, but in autumn, when the hare does not change the color, you can easily bring it five.

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