Forecasts activity biting

We often hear from some fishermen that it is impossible to predict in advance the biting and can only be determined directly on the pond. Let us consider how right this statement is.

What factors can affect fish activity? In fact, any experienced fisherman have been identified for a number of «magic» conditions under which he will have a bite «as in the Black stones.» Many are special diary where it says weather conditions last fishing number of fish caught and its activity. Yes, indeed, there are some fundamental things that are worth paying attention to. Let’s list them: moon phase, wind direction, wave height, barometric pressure, time of day and time of year. It has long been observed that the less the wind changes direction, the more biting. If there is complete calm, despite the opinion of novices, that’s bad. Even a slight breeze on the pond contributes to the elevation from the bottom of the sludge mixed with the forage fish that promotes active feeding white fish. Wave height is a litmus test in this case. Experience shows that the optimum for Kiev there is a wind in which the height of a wave from 10 to 15 centimeters. Thus, only once on the water, we could determine how the fish will be active. Mainly affect the forage base of white fish. If the spring and summer it’s mostly plant food, then the autumn and winter of this animal feed, worm, maggot etc.

The factors listed above, it is the ABC that knows every or nearly every. What are the conditions forgets to draw the attention of the average fisherman, making your own weather? Let’s start with the water level in the pond. Constant fluctuations in the level – the worst option when choosing a place for potential fishing. The decline reduces the activity of the fish.

Feeding fish in the pond. That trouble pay-leased ponds. In this case, you should observe some days is feed the population and avoid fishing tours in those days.

The condition of the reservoir. If you can observe on the Bank of a water treatment facility or a chemical plant, in that location should not expect high activity fish. And it is dangerous to consume.

The existence of high density networks at the pond describes him as very undesirable for fishing. Probably large specimens are long gone, but the smaller fish are cautious and scared.

Fish diseases also negatively affect activity. Unfortunately, if you did not previously have information about a specific lake, this factor into account is very difficult.

You should also keep in mind water clarity and accessibility of the surface to sunlight. The whiter the pond, the more its population. And of course the skill and experience of the angler, his luck and the mood.

To forecast need based on dozens of factors and no more than 3-4 days. The more days, the less actuality composed of the forecast.

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