For pike, dwells on the depth, first of all, the necessary gear.

For pike, dwells on the depth, first of all, the necessary gear.

And even if you have the experience of walleye fishing, it will be not enough to consider yourself fully armed for pike, which is much more cunning and bloodthirsty. If the perch acting as a strategist, keenly protects its prey. And only then calculating the shot, rushes to her. Pike is a very aggressive creature that leaves almost no chance for the victim. And the scaffold may not withstand such a blow. It should be considered in the preparation of gear.

We should start with the rod.

You need to give preference to class light, although you can choose slightly heavier, but not necessarily rigid type. The pike is extremely bony jaw that will fail just to get a feel for the stick. But if you’ll allow me to use a power coil, which you can refuse, as from a spare spool. But however, it is impossible to do without a clutch.

And even if you already know the power of the biting of a pike, but the blow fifteens pike will exceed all expectations. You can choose different kinds of artificial bait. Wobbler, Twister or foam, any bait will aggressively attacked by a pike. Attach the lure to the main line by using a wiring made of tungsten, which as a mandatory detail, not always is life-saving thing.

The fisherman just need to be prepared for this truly brutal attack. First of all we see the head kick and then follows similar to a snake is absolutely sharp turn and pike releases the lure from its mouth. Powerful energetic punch is impossible not to feel, and pike can break the different line. So it is hardly worth the use of a scaffold, it is better to give preference to high quality cord or monofilament.

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