For perch in the summer

To summer fishing for walleye was a success, the angler needs to have certain skills and knowledge.

First and foremost, you must carefully examine the place where the planned fishing. You also need to know exactly how and on what bait will be fishing at different times of the day. Walleye fish are very active and during the day may change several places.

Walleye prefer to reside in areas where water depth has large variations, it can also be found in pools, riffles, in areas with stony or sandy bottom, and in places where there is no strong current.

Unlike pike pike never hiding in ambush. In the pond, where very dense aquatic vegetation, this predator is very rare. Perch hunts in packs, one part of the pack plays the role of beaters, and the other part is waiting in the shelter.

Walleye can be caught throughout the year but the best time for fishing are the summer months. In different pits and whirlpools, peck can equally day and night. However, the best time for catching of a predator in the early morning hours before ten, and also the evening from seventeen to twenty-one hours.

If the weather is hot walleye bite is much weaker, and, for example, during a weak warm rain it becomes very active and are biting very well. Pike has a special vision that helps him very well to see in the dark, so he was well caught at night. Also pike the owner of the beautiful scent, making it a good hunting in all weather conditions.

As perch is a very strong fish, spinning for catching him, you need to choose very durable, but at the same time as it must be very sensitive. Sensitivity spinning is necessary to immediately detect even the lightest touch of the bait fish. The tip of the spinning needs to accurately identify any touch bait along the bottom. The line can be applied for both thin and thick. But experienced anglers are still advised to apply a thin. Since the use of thin fishing line is much easier to feel the wiring.

Since Sudak is almost always floats at the bottom of the reservoir, for catching him, it is recommended to use a heavy lure, jig head with vibrohvost and twisters green or yellow.

To catch walleye in the summer with boats and from the shore. Catch as circles, and heavy lures, use a special heavy spinner, which is equipped with powerful hooks.

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