For grouse broods of the coniferous forest

The most common places where grouse broods, there are abandoned barns, deforestation and other places that are in an open area, and have thick, quite long grass. Most of these places need to look closer to the forest. By the end of August broods change the location of the territory in the woods. They are characterized moss berry swamp, where you can find blueberries and cranberries. If the year has enough of a bad harvest, they may feed on seeds and leaves of grass located in the forest. If you notice old Kosachev, it is likely you have chosen the right direction and soon find a cherished place.

Remember that hunting grouse broods can be successful only if there is a hunting dog. The bird is perfectly camouflaged in a thicket of grass and bushes, so only good instincts and the dog’s obedience will help You in this difficult matter.

Keep the dog against the wind or Volver, but in any case not in the wind. People should be near the edge, the assistant have to hunt for open places that would not lose the brood.

If You are lucky and You spot the booty, give her a little run that they were not together, so they stay alone or in pairs. Carefully check the location of the brood, as thick grass you will be able to find teterevka.

If you go hunting in the beginning of August, the shooting of grouse is simple and easy. Good weapon from 20 to 12 gauge.

In September, hunting can occur is much more difficult. But everywhere has its pros, in this case a large, full bird. The best «replaced by» fraction №6 and №5 and to use a muzzle narrowing «of polochak 0.5 mm or more. The distance of the shot increases.

In early October the shooting will be even more difficult. It is very important that the gun had a sharp and heap fight. The fraction should select at number four or three. The bird becomes strong and responsive, great to hear the dog quickly off without the shot. For such a hunt will require skill and extensive experience, beginners most likely in October, to do nothing.

Hunting of these birds is very fascinating and interesting. A hunter with a dog must feel each other and respond quickly to commands. It doesn’t come immediately, but through the efforts and consistent training.

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