For each spinner should get the hang of it.

For each spinner should get the hang of it.

Checking in practice a huge number of lures having different configuration and different sizes, the angler can already draw certain conclusions about their impact on the outcome of the whole enterprise. Hardly worth the classification is to take the principle of «pike» and «Zander» spinners, that does not fully meet the essential requirements of the hunt for the famous predators – the inhabitants of the waters. Brilliant combination of lures to the desired depth, no doubt, will be the most important element of such success.

Not to spend the effort to check the game spinners to the desired depth, you can use the method of observing her from above. Because in most cases it is virtually impossible to identify precisely what is happening at the depth of seven to twelve meters. Nice to have tests at shallow depth, for this purpose you can use a regular bath to get the data for a fundamental improvement of the performance required of a spinner, setting the most efficient movement of the spinners. This process still depends on the preferences of the angler of a particular spinner.

A snapshot of the entry of the spinner into a tailspin connecting the center of gravity to the front. The spinner will start to work on the right path, if you whittle away the fore part, or increase the longitudinal bending, this ensures that the center of gravity will move two-thirds to the center.

If the spoon in his fall provides the best option of the action the angler needs to relate to test of symmetry in the transverse direction, it will help to correct the defects. For this purpose the centre of gravity is moved a short distance to the front.

If the spinner creates translational motions, flat planning, it’s too close to finding the center of gravity to geometric center. It is enough to remove the load from the rear, clearing the sides of the metal. In this case, it is possible to achieve the necessary progression of movements in the direction of the vertical axis and the adjusting further advance the spinner by changing the longitudinal bending.

Plan the movement of the spinners, which are interrupted, are characterized by aliasing, also these movements are called «tree» that characterizes spinner with a large longitudinal bending. In order to adjust its movement, it is necessary to change the tail, bending it in the opposite direction, perhaps removing it from unnecessary strain.

If the spinner indicates a deviation from the axis, located vertically, while it fluctuates, changing the trajectory of motion in the horizontal plane in the most diverse form of spinners.

When adjusting the spinners, it is important to achieve the effect of the game, and spinners having different geometric shape, plan for the required trajectory. Considered trajectories allow us to conclude that the movement of the spinners is a result of free fall from the initial position of the static top point. You can describe these movements as «private» as they show a real working environment.

The most difficult task is the message of the jig the ability to make lateral oscillation. The reason for their occurrence is the result of an equilibrium is stability in the transverse direction. The ratio of the width to the thickness of the spinners will be the essential indicator. You can achieve the desired result, if you repeatedly change the longitudinal curvature of the spoon, connecting thus the center of gravity on the horizontal axis, which is placed between two surfaces spinners. Any spoon will work purposefully to reach a certain depth. It should be remembered that it is impossible to adjust by using bending and sawing spinners which are made of fragile materials or have a galvanized coating.

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