For carp in the spring

Many fishermen with great anticipation waiting for the time when rivers and lakes as the ice recedes. They begin to prepare for this long-awaited fishing even in winter: I touch my fishing box, buy fishing rods, hooks. And as soon as the warm rays of the sun restapled the ice fishermen go ashore for a good well catch. The most interesting and successful fishing for carp is considered a pre-spawning period. At this time, yet the main feed for carp: algae and soft plants. Therefore, in this period of time the body of the carp waking up from a long winter, you need food to gain strength before spawning.

On the first spring fishing you can go when the water in lakes and ponds will warm up to 9 degrees. One thing worth mentioning is that when the water temperature reaches 15 degrees, silver carp beginning to spawn. As a rule, during this period the biting of a crucian practically stops.

But the «Golden carp spawning begins later. Observations show that this species of fish at a water temperature of 8 degrees bite fairly willingly. It is very simple to explain. The fact is that adaptation of the «Golden» individuals occurs much more slowly, so fish activity starts only when the water warms up to 12 degrees.

At this time carp swarm and close enough to the coast. Spawning of carp takes place in several stages. There are times when fishermen fished a female carp with caviar at the end of June.

But in principle, and in may and June you can find the pond, which happens to be already spawned carp and other pond can only be found ready to spawn individuals.

In order that the catch was more successful, you need to remember that carp in the spring most of the time moves on the pond, not stopping long in one place. And it is also quite clear. The carp after the «hibernation» just need «clean» and somehow «shake things up». In addition, different areas of the same reservoir temperature can vary, and so he seeks out the places where the water is already warmed, which means there’s more food.

In early spring the warmest place in the reservoir has shallow water, which warms up faster under the bright sun.

What to feed a carp?

If we talk about well the stern, he mostly just moves from one place to another. For example, when the outside wind, animals and vegetation that reside in the upper layers of the reservoir, is nailed to the shores, thus forming a so-called duckweed that allures swarms of carp. In such places fishing is better to use nozzles that have a vegetable origin.

In the same way a carp feeds and animal food during rainy days washed from the banks into the pond. The main part of the feed the carp eat aquatic vegetation, bottom sediments, larvae of various insects, worms, crustaceans, and others.

What to feed a carp?

Trade bait for carp also has a number of features, as this fish can very frequently change their taste preferences.

After seeing many anglers, a carp in the period from the beginning of may — beginning of June, the more he prefers the dung worm and bloodworms. They need to add to prepare the bait.

Feeding mixture for carp fishing, in almost all cases it is necessary.

Tactics for catching carp in the spring

Typically, this species feeds on fish in the coastal zone. But there are waters where aquatic vegetation is quite far from the coast. In such cases it is best to catch carp szabadka or from a boat. Used for fishing float rod with a spinning reel. There are cases when such fishing used bottom gear.

The deceptive view that diverging furrows visible dorsal and floats from the water — a sign that this place will be good to bite carp. Ask why the opinion is deceptive? Here everything is simple. The fact that in the spring the carp may feed in one place and «walk» and «cleared» quite different.

Quite often, the location of shoals of carp can be identified by the bubbles that are formed from the digging of the fish in the mud, looking for food there.

So well the catch was successful, you need to choose the right place for fishing and correctly to feed the fish. All fishermen, Amateurs of good luck and good spring catch!

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