Food for cats as fish bait

The last few decades was accompanied by a surge of the latest technologies in the world of fishing. Today’s fishermen can make use of the latest achievements of the industry, and the Internet helps to find all the latest information and techniques. However, this does not entail that the greater good can only be something very technologically advanced and extremely complex, are only available for purchase in stores.

Specialty stores generously filled, for example, a luxury even to look at the packages of food, and is continuously and Boyko argues that only proper preparation is enough to catch a fish with a full guarantee. Of course, it is not so, for biting and the catch is affected by quite many factors. So, the bait from the store works well, but this does not mean that their own may not give the same effect. Experienced fishermen often get pleasure from the process of making bait that is comparable to fishing. Fishing is not a resort where one gets from banks, like in the store. And money many people have not an abundance of it.

A mixture of the banal cat food (dog, too, however, fit) with river sand, vegetable oil, cake and bread, for example, is not worse than the industrial baits. The feed must be crushed into a powder, at least most ordinary stick, and then the powder mixed with sand when you add a small amount of water. Then add other ingredients and roll the balls.

Regarding the specific brand of feed it is impossible to say which is better, everything here is strictly individual fish, pond, weather, and more unique. But in any case, food for the amount of one hundred rubles or so will be enough for fishing during daylight hours for sure, and sometimes longer. The savings will be very useful as one who catches fish not only for sport but also for saving their own resources.

Be sure to try this method. You will certainly lose nothing, as it is proven already very many fishermen. Do not be afraid to experiment, to try something new and unexpected. It may be that the ideal bait is two steps away from you, you see every day.

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