Fly fishing Lin

Fish such as the tench differs from the carp, as it has broscauti, clumsy body, has small red eyes and small scales, which is covered with mucus and when you take the fish out of water, the mucus starts to drain, like is molting, that is laziness loses its normal green – gold color.

This type of fish prefers the bottom, which is covered with silt and mud, overgrown with various water plants. Fast running water absolutely not tolerate laziness, so look for it in the bays, rivers that are overgrown, it may be old streams, lakes, and ponds. And most importantly, copano in a small pond, where heavily polluted water, Lin almost impossible to find.

Fly fishing line can be attributed to the most boring sight fishing, which is rarely a good catch, because the fish is considered a very sluggish even compared to carp. Laziness is very rarely found in packs and mostly live only in small groups.

Fly fishing line occurs very early, e.g., on the pond, when the ice starts melting and the rivers only when water subsides. Period biting mostly not long lasting. It begins may 15 and lasts until may 25. The line burn on a tackle like fishing rod, in the period of preparation for spawning. This period lasts for several weeks. After the ending time of spawning, laziness again begins to take the bait, not with greed, as it happens after the starving winter season.

Until the beginning of July, the period of the bite Lin becomes very weak or disappears, but in the middle of August to the autumn period is resumed. For example, in cormen ponds laziness never takes the bait throughout the day. Therefore, it is best to start fishing at about 7 a.m., and 10 hours to complete.

In the evening, when the sun starts to go Lin starts to bite well, much better than in the morning. Main unit rods, which caught the tench, has virtually no differences from the gear on bream. The difference is only that line for line you need to take rougher, because such fish as tench is not picky in this regard. To fishing was successful, you need to make sure the nozzle was at the bottom, because laziness is mostly in places covered with silt. Sometimes, it so happens that the nozzle begins to sink in the watery mud, and the angler while sitting and waiting for a good bite.

In order to avoid this unpleasant result, you need to carefully measure the depth and take advantage of samopogruzki floats, or should I fill the bottom, covered with silt, in the place which you chose for fishing, using the river sand. And the most interesting is that such fish as tench swims very often to places that are filled with sand.

Floats for fishing tench have conical shape, or a small cork and perenye floats. The most suitable form of hook — «Snack ideal» and «Limerick», line bend, these hooks are under the numbers 4 and 6. While catching Lin on more sophisticated fishing rod having a reel, you can use small hooks.

As for tips for tench, they are totally different from nozzles that are designed for other species of fish, but the best one shitworm. Best for catching small in size, they need to stick several pieces at once. You need to throw the bait so that the floats were near grass or reeds.

If you are trying to catch a tench from the boat, then stay in the place where the water is clean, and try to throw the bait in the direction where the shore. If you catch from the shore, then you should make an artificial clearing places for angling, although a permanent bait for catching tench is not used. Basically, the fishermen are trying to limit that before fishing, throw a few worms or bloodworms.

As for the biting of tench, so it is considered a very sluggish and long-lasting, initially this fish starts to jiggle the float, and then slowly begins to swing from one side to the other and it goes on for five minutes. Via present, Lin begins to act decisively, he conducts a float aside, and this moment You need to manage to strike him.

Lin, who was hooking, begins to resist, he rests on the bottom head, so don’t pull it immediately, as You risk. Better move it not a lot on the rod because of small moulting fall for it very rarely, mostly caught fish from two to five pounds, although it is possible that the catch will be even greater.

The meat of such fish as tench from the carp virtually identical, with the taste of Tina. Therefore, before cooking Lin must stand in the basket by placing in running water.


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