Fly fishing for carp

The catching of such fish as carp fishing requires constant concentration and observation. The instability of the biting and moodiness of this fish are sometimes puzzling even the most seasoned fishermen. Today carp are in the shallows, half-meter depth, tomorrow is the depth, and the next day is in the Bush.

Chain rise to the surface bubbles, you can determine the place where a carp feeds, but it is possible in calm weather. Also, the Parking lot carp can specify trembling lilies or stems of the reeds. Carp likes to feed on small water animals, robbing it from the plants.

Tackle for catching carp must be very sensitive. The rod should be light, float small size, soft, shipped in small pellets over the top, it should be thin but strong fishing line. Carp resists actively, and often breaks the fragile fishing line. Before swallowing the nozzle of a carp long trying. Feeling the resistance can throw the nozzle.

Important when fly fishing for carp has a hook. Often come across individuals with the torn lip. This is due to the sharp cuttings, and often the usage is not sharp hooks. Fish on a sharp hook is held securely, and release it without the use of the extractor difficult.

In angling for carp range of diverse attachments. Carp are good takes on corn, manure worm, oparysha, motylja. Silver carp can be attributed to vegetarians, Golden carp are an animal lover nozzles. Universal nozzle is a Joker.

Silver carp are not picky about the choice of the nozzle, in contrast to the Golden carp. For catching latest better stock up on various lures. Golden carp are very capricious in the choice of the nozzle.

The inactivity of the bite can influence the wrong determination of the depth of fishing. Sometimes to a centimeter would have to guess the descent of the nozzle. It should be a few inches above the bottom or touch it. Periodically it is necessary to change (slightly) the descent on the rod.

In the absence of flow, if you force the nozzle to move, it will provoke the carp. You must choose the right speed and pace of the transaction. Intermittent posting is most effective. The nozzle moves in short jumps in the bottom zone. All movements should be smooth. Periodic change of the lure also has a positive effect on the bite.

Most often, when fly fishing for carp without bait in any way. It not only attracts fish, but also retains it in the place of fishing.

Bait should work in the bottom level, since along with the carp in the pond lives the tip of which is greedy and annoying. Surface bait should not leave traces. If you move the weights closer to the hook, you can also get rid of the verkhovka.

If you use ready store-bought bait, then it is useful to introduce crushed toasted sunflower seeds or sunflower meal. Not be amiss to add the sand, the bait will become loose, and at the bottom there will lie a success. Will be dissipated over a large area, effectively attract fish.

Typically, the first peck carp up to 100 gr. weight. Big fish may come through an hour and a half, it all depends on her activity. It is necessary to periodically throw the bait in small portions to the point of fishing.

The signal for the approach of large animals, there is abatement of biting small fish. At this point complementary foods must be reduced volumes and rates. Large carp are biting more carefully than smaller ones. Float long «hops» on the spot, and the angler must be patient in waiting for sweeps. The float can go under water or move to the side.

To draw out large carp carefully, but decisively. We need to get fish from bait to resist the fish are not scared away a flock fed.


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