Floats for night fishing

Fishing in the dark is very different from daytime fishing. Often at night caught on trotlines, but float tackle can give your master a good catch and a good mood. The fact is that after dark, the fish become more bold and coming to the shore in search of insects and algae. However, to catch him on a float, you need at least to see the movement of the float. This is achieved in different ways. For example, you can take a normal float and stick on it a luminous film or special led emitter.

Professional floats for night fishing

Now the assortment of accessories for fishing at night is quite wide. And floats in this list are not the last place. Quality night floats are sold in specialty stores, but buying any first is not necessary. You need to choose properly, taking into account the objectives of fishing and float compatibility with other gear.

The most popular three varieties:

• led the floats, which operate on tiny batteries,

• floats-fireflies with liquid filler

• floats, coated with a luminescent (fluorescent) paint.

Floats on the LEDs

This accessory has appeared on the market relatively recently, and immediately became the object of controversy and discussion. Some recognized it, and regularly use, the other considered faults. In any case, this bobber has a right to exist.

The float led emitter transparent body, inside of which is built a tiny Board with a clearly visible glow in the dark element. Charged battery can withstand up to 4 hours of continuous work, but power led emitter, from time to time can be disabled. The only significant disadvantage of such floats is cumbersome, because it is impossible to combine with a delicate snap. Fishermen can only hope that in the near future on sale will appear lighter counterparts.


Disposable fishing floats-fireflies also gathered a lot of fans. This is a transparent plastic capsule, the principle of which is based on the interaction of special reagents. In repose they do not emit light, but only slightly mash them, the liquid will immediately react, and the float begins to glow. Firefly applies not only when fishing float tackle, it can be mounted on the tip of the feeder rod. He works up to 15 hours, which is an advantage. By the way, very economical fishermen have learned to use glowworms several times. If after fishing to put the float in the freezer, then the next he will again perform its function.

Fluorescent floats

This variety of floats designed for fishing at night, to date, remains the most popular. The interest can be explained by the variety of choice and low cost. Before they were luminous – the light accumulate. Before fishing, they were forced to light through the flash, but even after such treatments weren’t as long as I would like. But to replace the archaic fluorescent fluorescent floats came. Themselves in the dark they glow, they need a minimum of ultraviolet radiation. So they work only in tandem with a low-powered flashlight. You have to enable and to direct the beam to the float parallel to the water.

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