Float tackle for long casting.

It is known that the most effective way for success in long-distance throw is one that provides for a gradual takeover in the far distance.

Over time, when the bezinertsionnaja coil made of various artificial materials, has been the emergence of tackle intended for long casting.

Far casting involves fishing in which the distance from the rod tip to float in the length of the line is several times greater than the length of the rod. Rod designed for long casting, provides for a crossing rings and spinning reel, which has a length of between three and seven to four meters, the throughput of the ring and high feet required for uniform distribution of load on the rod. But most importantly it makes possible to postpone it from the line and significantly reduce the amplitude of its fluctuations in the limits of the rings what happens when casting. The device and class of rods suggests the presence of three categories in graduation in terms of «Test Weight».

This weight range in grams, with a snap, allowing to keep the whole rod when casting. These categories include a touch of class – five to ten grams – mild, middle-class ten – forty grams – medium, heavy class – twenty to sixty-five grams of hard. These labels are applied to place the butt of the knee by the manufacturer, which also puts your brand name. Rods of the first group are mainly used in fishing activities, they can fish freshwater fish. Fishing rods of all types are distinguished parabolic systems. In the process of luring fish that has a considerable weight, a considerable part of the rod in bending is a continuation of the line, in this case, a uniform load distribution.

When you are planning to use the tactics of the long cast, use a spinning reel, which has an open spool. Among these reels is particularly popular device is the «skirt» type, or «match» have undeniable advantages, among which are obvious simplicity, reliability and affordable prices. Therefore, the established mass production. Knowing the size of the coil, it is easy to pick it up, especially because it is closely dependent on the diameter of the spool.

Is determined by sufficient capacity of one hundred and eighty to two hundred meters of the line, the diameter of which is zero and fifteen millimeters. Undoubtedly, of great interest are the coils that have a larger diameter spool. This is necessary to ensure that the fishing line has to spin less and less. And do not consider it a trifle, after all, in such important things like fishing gear there are no trifles. Every nuance of the vehicle plays a role in the process of fishing. Don’t forget about the role of the float as a critical element of the far casts. The float controls the behavior of your outfit and makes you for an adequate response.

Aerodynamics snap also has more float, no less important is another feature that explains the nuances of fluid dynamics snap. The float focuses mainly much of the total weight of equipment to carry out the purpose of casting distance, and the leading role here is played by keel portion of the float. So once again make sure the «combat readiness» of the float and its characteristics, which should ensure your success in fishing.


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