Float rod with a running snap.

To catch Rudd, roach, perch and crucian carp, and perch, and maybe a big fish, you can use a float with begoca accessories.

This is a very simple and good device. All must begin to learn the basics of fishing fish from the gear.

Create easy, need patience and hard work, which, according to the proverb, will make a difference.

Float rods come with the vehicle, is fastened tightly, and come with a snap which can be adjusted.

Adjustable snap, so the fishing line is attached to the Oud is not tight. It is possible to make the length which is required by the circumstances and desire of the angler.

Made fishing rod, like all modern gear, with rings, not to be confused the fishing line. The stock coil is not prohibited.

The fact that the coil can reduce the descent of a scaffold or its increase extends the range of the list of fish that you can hunt.

Any fish trying to escape, not line breaks, just starts it off. Something that can be described by the words «fishing line ran,» and called begoca accessories.

First you need to decide what fish and what size is the desire to catch. Depends on the strength and durability of the UDA.

For starters, you can take telescopic, udu fiberglass or carbon fiber. Reasonable length — 4-5–m. it should be remembered that the stroke of this rod only affects the upper part.

Special attention should be paid to the pattern of movement of the rod tip. If he is not in a straight line, something of a Udy should be abandoned.

The substrate must be 0.20 mm or 0.25 mm, the Leash is not thicker than 0,15 mm. Novice angler needs to focus on the length of the line in 50 m.

To check how strong is the fishing line, you can use the dynamometer in the home.

The line should buy a colour, or paint it yourself. Paint can even natural products, such as husks from onions. Maybe fishing line would become yellow, but this color will look more natural in the water than any other.

The coil can be attached plastic or metal, suitable diameter 65 – 80 mm. Well, if she’s going to have two kinds of brakes and a rattle. This coil is easily controlled and costs to be minor.

Coil improve streak of rubber bandage, which is used in medicine. Any other rubber 1-2 mm thick. Stripes should cut across the width of the bobbin winding should be in a single layer. This band will help in drying the line and coil will not break. The end of the fishing line is attached to the coil, the strip should be 25 m reel of fishing line.

Rewinding the fishing line on the spool is tight. The coil held in the hand, through the distance between your fingers skip the line, cranked the lever of the coil bobbin is moving, swaying around. The fishing line is wound evenly.

For attaching leashes at the end of the rubber rib knitted loops. The line you need to adjust so that she did not go, and sit tight, but without tension.

The coil is fixed at a distance of 30 – 40 cm from the bottom of the whip. However, it depends on individual measurements and the physical data of a fisherman.

As rings are sometimes conventional studs. Secure them with tape.

Floats are bought or made by yourself.

Prepared with his own hands and with love in the tackle, brings no less joy than the purchase and too modern.

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