Float fishing Chub

As a subject of Amateur and sport fishing Chub is one of the most popular fish. Beautiful, swift and powerful fish. This river fish holding at the mouths of rivers flowing into reservoirs and lakes. Find Chub Parking is not easy.

Can sometimes be found in wide lakes, such as Seliger and Ilmen. For their Parking, he selects areas with sandy, rocky or pebble bottom, especially loves to be under the riffles, near bridges, and steep banks with overhanging shrubs and trees. In large and medium-sized rivers often coexists with ASP.

Night of big Chub is located on the sandy shallows with weak currents. As fluorescent fish, he is not averse to hunt in the dark. This is especially noticeable in the middle of summer, when hot days this fish behaves very phlegmatic. Clean water and hard bottom is the key living conditions of the Chub, while it can be found even in the most obscure small rivers. But water pollution Chub all together, as a team, leave the chosen place.

Experienced fishermen, moving along the banks of rivers, thrown into the water of animals: beetle, grasshopper, dragonfly, if Chub is in this place, be sure to reveal herself.

Chub 150 — 300 g weight is kept in small flocks, large prey, like the saddle, alone.

From other cyprinids Chub distinguishes bullheaded head, gave it a name, and almost cylindrical body covered with large scales with a Golden sheen. Green back, silver sides. The pectoral fins are orange, the ventral and anal reddish, and the tail is dark.

Chub beautiful and powerful fish, which reaches up to 60 cm in length and 4 kg weight. Aqua eats vegetation, clams, earthworms, young crayfish, insects, leaguetime. Substantial space in the diet of Mature individuals is the offspring of other fish and small fish: gudgeon, verkhovka and bleak. Young gravlyky traditionally kept in small groups.

Youth food is plankton, small crustaceans, insects and their larvae.

Smut is interesting to fish on all tackle: float, bottom or clearomizer fishing rod, fly fishing or spinning. The selection of tools and lures when fishing this omnivorous fish is quite broad. In the spring of Chub voluntarily bite may beetle, wyposa, manure worms, bloodworms. In summer, the most active biting on caddis, maggots, semolina and millet porridge, bread, rasparenny peas, corn. And where cancers – the cancer neck. Of course, almost everything depends on the geographic location of the pool. German fishermen to sample successfully seduce Chub cherries, berries or even chunks of plums. If you catch the bottom, you need bait.

A very exciting hunt for Chub in the transaction. You will need a pretty solid match rod, a monoscaffold of 0.15 — 0.22 mm, it all depends on the intended trophy and leash, 40 — 100 cm neat Kleve and colorless water the length of the leash has sometimes crucial. For younger individuals, weighing 200 — 300 g a hook about No. 10 — 12. The float is used with the expectation that swift current it was stable and wouldn’t fall to the side during a short frederiek. Go float in a downstream direction and try to keep the bait above the bottom. If 1-bite occurred at a distance of 10 -15 meters from you, after the withdrawal of other chubs traditionally shifted to the lower direction of the current. Therefore it is necessary to release the snap-in until you can see the float. When fishing on the Donk gives excellent results introduction as bits of meat leeches, crayfish lingchih. In late summer and autumn period, the Chub better takes from the bottom to the little frog or gudgeon. The frog is good at catching and in the upper layers of the water, including fly fishing and spinning.

Big chubs is better to catch a spinning small spinning lure, painted on the inner side in a reddish or dark color. But from time to time, especially in cloudy weather, this fish is better than taking wersalki silver or gold. Good lures yellow-green or greenish colour, descend to a depth of 1.5 — 3 m. their Length should not exceed 5 — 6 cm It does not mean that it is impossible to catch Chub on a small vibrohvost and twisters.

The fly fishing is allowed to begin in may, when clearer pond. At this time the well takes Chub at the may beetle. In June and July, in the morning and the evening caught on artificial flies. Quality fly bobbin allows you to produce the lure in the direction for a substantial distance from the angler, not so alarming chubs prey in the upper water layers.

Chub are biting quite radically. Seizing on the move the bait, he rudely thrown aside, and then stubbornly and violently resist. Right, adjusted the friction brake contributes first to the most powerful opposition to the escape of fish. Stairs smut happens a little as his soft fleshy lips, bites the hook hard. Towing is easier with the help of net.


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