Five popular types of hunting on grouse

The hunting season for grouse opens in the fall and continues until spring. Spring shoot grouse is strictly prohibited, as the bird begins to deduce posterity.

The hazel grouse lives in forests and is never found in the swamps and in the field.

Experienced hunters can easily detect the voice signal of the grouse – thin long-drawn whistle, which consists of two long sounds and short. The voice of the male differs greatly from the voice of the female, what to consider when hunting with a decoy. Most often, hunting for grouse begin early in the morning.

There are several methods of hunting grouse:

1. The most important and interesting method – shooting at the decoy (a device that its sound imitates the voices of birds or animals and is luring). To imitate the voice of birds – ability, which determines hunting success.

Best voice to lure females as males and youngsters faster you go the decoy. Using a decoy, the hunter needs to hide in order not to frighten the grouse and to catch a shot before the bird will notice it.

2. Hunting with the approach is the most popular and simple way of hunting grouse. In this hunt find the habitat of the grouse, scare them and watch the trajectory of the movement. Grouse usually flies in a straight line and sits on the tree. Identifying the tree on which the bird, the hunter carefully stalks and shoots.

3. Hunt surges – another method of hunting for grouse. It lies in the fact that hunting out two people. Finding a place with the grouse, a hunter hides and waits. At this time, the second hunter flushes bird and if possible shoot him myself. Or give your partner the signal, which means that the birds have taken flight. Then the first hunter shoots the grouse.

4. Hunting squad is different from the previous type of hunting that in this case, a few hunters lined up chain. At this time the beaters move to the opposite side, sugawa grouse and catching them on the hunters. During such hunt the beaters often use specially trained dogs.

5. Hunting grouse dogs are the least popular, and much harder. And all because hazel can’t stand rack hunting dogs and can not stand dog barking. So before you go hunting with a dog, it is necessary to thoroughly house trained. The dog should feel grouse and sneak up to him, making it clear yelps, that the target is found.

Be aware that if any of the following methods: a hunter must have fast response and accuracy, because the grouse quickly hiding in the branches between the trees.

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