No wonder people say: «Prepare sledge in the summer». Now comes the end of autumn. So it’s time to talk about the November fishing. She, however, like all others, has its quirks and some features.

November is the coldest autumn month, the average temperature can reach 0 degrees, and often there are frosts.

The rains that come in September and October give way to snowfall. By the end of this month there are frequent frosts, ponds and lakes freeze. Winter begins to assert itself, enfolding the river and bays with ice.

At this time, almost all the fish seeking shelter in the depths. But predators are not afraid of autumn frost. Fish at first ice, as a rule, are quite actively takes the bait. But I must say that the fishing in November can be so dangerous, as the ice at this time are still very slim. There is a danger of falling under the «thin veil of ice», so be careful!

In the last month of autumn some species begin to actively

fed. November is often the main catch consists of many species such as burbot, walleye, pike or perch. But trophy fish in November is unlikely to catch.

This month fishermen can fish from shore and from a boat. As a place for fishing it is best to choose seats a little deeper, but with slow flow.

If you want to catch burbot, as a rule, use the ground rod or spinning. To catch this fish better at night. In November, he will gladly «eat» fry, as at this time he pre-spawning feeding period.

As bait you can take smaller fish, chicken entrails or worm.

Roach late autumn moving in flocks, so it is best to catch directly from the boat. Will be a good catch at 4-5 in the morning. The jig is a good bait for roach in November.

Bream also moves across the pond in flocks, stopping only when it finds food. This month, the fish takes the bait quite active.

Also actively biting in November and pike. She pounced on almost any live bait. So we can safely catch pike on spinning bait, no catch will not go away!

For wintering perch selects the ravines, pits and whirlpools. To catch on spinning, using as a nozzle a winter bait or lure. The best walleye bite, or late night, or early in the morning. The place chosen for wintering perch changes it is extremely rare that the «only benefit the fishermen.

Perch fishing in autumn is also better to take a spinning rod using the nozzle or spinner, or spinning the spinner. This month perch usually gather near snags, bays and shrubs.

Good catch, fishermen!

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