Fishing white

The word Bel anglers unite different fish are not large. Linen is considered a roach and Bursch, silver bream and Zope, Rudd and bleak. To include white fish, which are caught mainly on vegetable and cereal, dough, or bait animals – insect larvae, worms. Although such a division is rather conditional.

The main tool for catching whites should recognize the float rod. This tackle consists of the rod, equipped with a fishing line, a float, a sinker and a hook.

Execution distinguish male and telescopic rods. Their length ranges from 2 to 10 meters and more. Still there are plug rods, made of bamboo, and simple birch or hazel to accommodate the rod. The rod should be light, as in fishing, sometimes, long hold her in my arms.

Fishing line, with a stock wound on the reel and the latter is fixed in special holders on the handle of the rod. For float fishing rods used are quite thin mono fishing line, thickness from 0.08 to 0.2 mm Often use the basic scaffold of 0.3 mm and a thin leash length from fifteen to thirty inches from the hook.

Unchanging element with a float rod the float. Depending on the type of fish, size, fishing conditions, the type and size of it can be very different. The most important thing – the float should be visible for the angler in all weather conditions and not visible to fish. Therefore, the top of the float is painted with bright colors, white, red, fluorescent materials are applied. Part of the float that is in the water, occurs in dark greenish-blue color flowers. The greater sensitivity of the float, the more sensitive the bite can be felt. Good float maintains stability and doesn’t fall on its side even in a strong wind.

A hook for catching Beli applied, as a rule, single. From how well-chosen hook, the success of fishing. So use the hooks from the smallest number of 2.5 for small roach to n 7-8 for large instances. The length and color of the hook is different, too. Sinkers to fishing rods take a different weight, which is also due to the fishing conditions. Meet gear with one or more sinker, different weights, located on the line near the hook.

Belle caught on different bait. They are of animal and vegetable origin. The most common manure worm, big fish skewer the Nightcrawlers – earthworms. Widely used a fly larva is maggot. Other Larvae of other insects, butterflies and beetles are popular among fish. Successfully catch the may beetle larvae, caddis worm, ant, beetle, larva burdock flies. Vegetable baits are most good mixture of different grains cooked, the dough or just the bread. Currently in the sale of many herbal mixtures used for bait. Soaked with river water, waited until it rises and is ready.

Cereal, dry the soaked bread combined with boiled potatoes make good bait for fishing. Without the use of bait or bait to catch large instance is almost impossible.


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