Fishing usterki in February

Externally, the white bream is very similar to the bream, but with careful closer inspection, you notice some differences: the white bream fin has 8 rays, and bream with 9. In pectoral and pelvic fins near the base of a reddish color, and bream grey. The eyes and scales of the white bream is greater than that of bream. The bream scales with age, yellow, and white bream remains the same color silver with blue tint.Although white bream, many believe the intruder where many fish of other species, but the waters around cities bream is always a welcome fish in cages, the fishermen. It is noticed that the fishing usterki in February has its own characteristics. In the winter, bream are relatively insensitive to deterioration of the oxygen regime, so saves from bezrybya fishermen at a time when other fish almost did not bite or no bite. At this time gusarka does not look thin and bony.

While catching usterki in February, you must adhere to those places with low flow: large and deep reservoirs and lakes with a depth more than ten meters, the pits on shallow lakes with a muddy or clayey bottom.

For catching usterki in February with ice use a float, which allows you to fish simultaneously with multiple holes, which are located nearby. Equipment does not differ from similar rods, which catch roach: end sinker, small bobber, the weight of which allows it to stay below the water’s surface. White bream have a small mouth, and she’s not particularly in a hurry to open it widely, so use a small hook and a small jig, which is attached on a leash separately just above the hook on the fishing line. When peclive the float twitches slightly, and then rises or falls depending on paklava on the hook or on a jig. Hooking best at this moment.

For catching usterki in February experienced fishermen suggest to use nod with a jig. Spinners are attached small, spherical shape with a long hook numbers 2 or 2.5. Many fishermen who live in different areas, I noticed an interesting fact: bream are biting intensely, if the spinner bottom part is darker, without coating of lead oxidized and the upper part, on the contrary, is brilliant. For the February catching the nod using the most sensitive and long fishing line of 0.1 – 0.08 mm

While catching usterki in February on the big or deep, it is better to choose 2-3 lead or tungsten jig. In any case, cannot be bound to jigs hooks of large size. When switching to tungsten jig bite is deteriorating, as the frightened fish are present in the mouth of a large weight. When weak Kleve think that this fry sport, playing with the tip, but actually it can be bream pulls hanging from mormyshkas bloodworms. In this situation, you can do sweeps, and the belly of the fish to catch a hook or the lower jig. Gustarme you can also fish with baitless jig, the hook where you attached the pieces kembrikom different colors or sherstyanik. The white bream bite is very careful, she is not suspicious to unknown objects on the bottom, so it is possible to involve in the lift for catching bait fish.

For good result you need to feed the hole. For catching usterki in February, the best food are small pieces of bloodworms, and if the pond many small ruff, it is better to use vegetable bait, so there was no need then to change the place of fishing. In February, effectively catching white bream under the ice and screens-kerchiefs. To detail not seen and do not interfere with fishing, better to use scarves with large cells, about 40 mm. Also recommend the screens often to get to gusarka not scare their fellows. Well, except if the line has the ability to bind the indicator to pull to the top of the grid and attach it to the float, located in the hole just below the water.


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