Fishing the lakes in October

Autumn makes some adjustments to the behavior of almost all species of fish. Even IDE at this time relocating. In summer mostly it can be found in the shallows and in the middle of autumn he goes to smaller places with a large number of fry. The IDE is the period of active bills before the long winter.

Good results can be achieved in catching IDE in October, Donna and rod. Because the water with the autumn cold becomes more transparent, you have to throw the rig as far away from shore so the fish doesn’t see the presence of the angler. In addition, the depth of the fishing spot should not be more than 2 metres. The gear is mounted on the type of «symmetrical loop». The leash should be longer and thinner. IDE is considered to be very shy fish, especially in clear water, so it is better if nothing is his concern.

Because favorite places IDE at this time, there are areas with slow flow, and the trough it is advisable to choose lighter. And the ideal feeder for fishing the lakes in October should slowly roll on the smooth bottom until you hit an obstacle or falls into the hole. So she will be able to disguise on the bottom.

Bait for IDE is always needed. Moreover, in this period the main thing is not quantity, but its composition. For successful catching IDE in October, the bait should consist of steamed peas, earth and lightly scented dry bait mixture based on sponge flour. You should also add the same animal component, which will be fishing (worms, maggots, etc.). And maggots are advised to add in the lunchbox, and in the trough itself. So it will be less hurt and longer it will retain their activity. And although in October, the IDE had almost no bite to it, maggots are needed. The fact that the presence in the bait brisk of white larvae will help considerably to revive the fish. It is desirable that the bait not immediately spill out of the trough, and in about 20 minutes.

For fishing the lakes in October you can use a variety of bait. Maggot works well, until the water has cooled to +10 °C, after which it begins to lose its appeal. Peas are used until the appearance of the ice edge on the water. It is only necessary to arrange to hook up with peas move freely in the water column. Has worked well as bait black leech. The only negative – get it in October is very problematic. But there’s a way out! Leeches can stock up in the summer. But worms, respected spring Yazev, in the middle of autumn it is better not to use. The reason is simple: because fishing for bullhead in October is basically broke, the soft worms can easily fall prey to the ubiquitous minnows and ruffs that after the arrival of the big fish left on the hooks alone skins.

Becomes more transparent than the water in the reservoir, the more delicate must be the gear. From mid-October for ground rods are the shock leaders with a diameter of about 0.25-0.33 mm of fluorocarbon fishing line, a length of 1-3 meters. We must not forget that the quality of equipment will directly depend on the result of fishing. Thin cheap fishing line will likely not be able to withstand the invasion of a large IDE. But the capture of such an instance causes the most pleasant feelings in any season. Good luck!

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