Fishing the lakes in June

The IDE lives in rivers with moderate flow, flowing across the plains. His favorite places — reaches, which had not very long vegetation, and river sections with algae, where the muscles are hiding from the predators themselves hunt for small fish and insects.

IDE actively feeding in the pit slopes and petrukovich.

At night, the IDE should be at the edge eats bloodworms, caddis worm, worms and benthic organisms, while not interested in the may beetle as Chub.

In late spring — early summer muscle actively eat appeared on the bottom, on stones, submerged parts of the piles the first vegetation. Therefore, effective fishing for bullhead pushed on with algae in the form of a filamentary beam on the hook. Find IDE in this time where there is more algae in the stone ledges, wooden buildings that are in the water for a long time. In June, the fish , the IDE is kept in small flocks.

The day catch of IDE on the greens in the transaction in any way, from the bottom, and itology. If you want to catch the ides from the bottom, then you need to adjust the tackle so that the nozzle and a lead with a shepherd boy was dragged along the bottom.

Twilight starts with a bite on maggots and worm, it is better to use bottom gear.

For catching IDE in June of using «sandwiches» consisting of: dough-maggots; bread worm; moth – caddis worm; cereal worm, etc. cook Porridge thick, so it held tight on the hook, when it will be «pinching» detail.

If at the beginning of June, the IDE is not interested in bait, by the middle of the month, you can already use pearl barley, steamed wheat and cereal «Hercules», in which the fish are actively biting. In these days of communication willing to go out on bait, although not all fishermen use it. The fact that around the bait will spin not only the muscles, but all cyprinids. Among the large flocks of white bream or bream a few muscles would be lost. Knowledgeable fishermen simply preparing the groundbait designed specifically for this type of fish, with the result that the hook catches a large number of muscles.

The composition of this mixture must include the following components: rye bread, ground crackers, oatmeal or powdered milk, chopped maggot and worm, «Hercules». Sometimes add a feed bloodworms or Daphnia dry. Inexperienced anglers add bait or sunflower cake oil it ruins the dressing that prevents the bait balls break, hitting the water.

Bullets smash against the water, creating a cloud of mist that washed over slowly, creating a «corridor». At its center is within the Fisher, the dimensions of the corridor should be from 3 to 7 metres, groundbait is only possible on a medium or low flow.

When feeding fish first, there is a roach or bleak, and then appears not merely as breaks in the IDE. He does not stand in one place, as, for example, bream, and passes over the lured plot, making a circle, returns and takes a bite. When fishing with multiple fishing rods in a field with a small passage is that the bullhead bite at the same time on a few hooks.


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