Fishing the lakes in July

Fishing is a great form of leisure, during which you relax, calm your nerves and enjoy the beauty of nature. Many anglers ply in summer to be exact, in July of IDE, because this summer month in the reservoirs is a large number of fish. Large fish, like carp, bream, Chub very attractive to anglers. But this article is only about one fish – yaze. Bullhead – carp fish, which is found in waters almost all over Europe, so to catch it is not too difficult even for the fisherman-the fan. It is only necessary to know basic nuances that must be followed when fishing for IDE. About them and will be written below. As has been said, on IDE it is best to «hunt» in July. He lives mostly in fresh water. This fish does not like very cold currents, and prefers moderate water temperatures. The best time to fish the lakes – late in the evening and the morning (sometimes the night is stormy for fishing, but it happens not always). IDE – very tasty but bony fish. However, this does not prevent the person to make it from canned goods, to dry it or to do the ears. So, we go directly to how to catch this fish.

IDE is easier to catch using a strong fishing pole (because fish can get quite large) impaled on a hook of a worm, beetle, grasshopper or maggot (you can use other baits, because they currently know very a lot). IDE you can fish and use spinning, resorting to a variety of colorful lures. As with a fishing rod and spinning rods should be handled very carefully, because the IDE may be located near large thickets of water, and in this case you can easily lose the cap. The water nozzle must be lowered slowly without making a loud noise so the fish are not scared and not run away from such dangerous places. Also, in addition to the basic baits you can use bait consisting of bloodworms or cake. A favorite habitat of the lakes – deep hole in the bottom of a river or lake. The water depth in these areas ranges from 2 to 7 meters (maybe more, maybe less). Bottom habitats of the bullhead predominantly muddy (there he is, escaping from the hot rays of the summer sun, but at night sometimes swim in shallow waters). At day IDE may be under old stumps or under large stones. In this case, the possibility of his capture is getting worse. Sometimes the IDE for a long time does not dare to swim to predlagaemoi fishing bait. In this case you need a little to get him, slightly shaking his fishing line at the surface of the water. As soon as the end of the rod will move – once it is cut. In most cases, the fish are easily caught and in one trip fishing, you can catch pieces 8-11 of the IDE, if it is correct to calculate with the weather, place, time (if it’s a river, you need to catch a fish as upstream), time of day and the right equipment. Here, perhaps, and all. Now you will be able to catch IDE in July, after carefully evaluating their strength and capabilities. Try one of these tips when you need something and you will succeed. The main thing – do not despair if you failed to catch a lot of fish, it will work the next time. Wish you success in your difficult fishing!

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