Fishing spinning reel in muddy water

Even the most experienced angler may be confused by the statement that it is possible to fish in river turbidity. However, it is possible, the correct selection of equipment, correct the wiring and the choice of location for fishing.

So, tackle: not for whom no secret that the predator attracts the color of the jig. Not for nothing experienced fishermen tried to paint their own baubles, and not to catch only on a white or yellow. Now there are no problems, a large selection of multi-colored spinners, wobblers, etc. allows to simplify the process of ornamentation tackle. Experience shows that the best color for fishing in muddy water is «poisonous» yellow and «toxic» green. A separate line is «ultraviolet» color, which at first glance it looks normal, but if you bring her to a special lamp shows quite a decent glow. Apparently, the fish sees in the water something like that and reacts.

With silicone ear tips experts advise to use vibrohvosta. The most suitable for the muddy waters are the following types: Bait Breath T. T. Shad, Bio Breath Nami Kyur, Sawamura One Up Shad, etc. If we talk about the lures that are most suitable are those species that are at jerk much fade away and more paristemi comparison with others of similar size. Don’t forget, we fish in troubled waters.

Wiring: there is no doubt that a lot depends on the fish pond, the weather, etc. But undoubtedly one of the most important factors is the smoothness of the transaction bait with a pause of 3-4 seconds in the game and expectations, before you remove the bait from the water before the next cast. The purpose of these maneuvers is quite clear, to allow the predator to notice not just the bait but also to react to it. Another feature of the holding in muddy water there is a monotony, it is a classical step, is carried out in the same pace with constant amplitude.

The choice of the place: What would be efficient and beautiful would not look out of your tackle, the fish can only be caught where it is. Therefore, catching the predator in the pond with murky water, drop the stereotypes and act on a whim. However, some advice for you — clearly marked the boundary between the muddy water and gaps in water; located in close proximity to holes and grooves large gaps relative to pure water; in coastal areas not far from the reeds, the depth of not less than one meter; the obstacles of natural or synthetic origin form a space of calm water next to the stream.

In General, fishing spinning reel in muddy water is not normal and requires a lot of experience, attention and visual orientation of a fisherman. If you are fishing an unfamiliar body of water, where they know every hole and roll, no questions. But if fishing fate brought on an unfamiliar body of water in which the bottom topography total stranger to you? In this case, can gain your experience and gut the fish. Detailed harvest all most suitable, in your opinion, can be more effective than compliance with the established templates.

Making a conclusion we can say that if you can see the flow of dirty and muddy water, as happens in the spring (March, April). Do not fall into despair and being composed of spinning to go home. You should look for places with cleaner water and try to fish there. And maybe You will be awarded a nice trophy in the form of a pike or walleye.

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