Fishing spinning on an unfamiliar body of water

If you are going to catch a spinning on unfamiliar water, always need to pick up gear all the possible cases. The usual standard set of spinning tackle, which takes fishing to the already well-studied reservoir, there will not be enough. You must have a minimum of two base sets. One of them will be easier and will allow you to fish in closed areas of the pond, grassy edges, cattails, and water lilies, among the lilies, that is, to hunt for perch, Zander or pike, which are difficult for catching on a spinning parts of the reservoir.

The second set is more powerful will be needed in case in the open areas of the reservoir, at great depths fishing would see a larger and stronger predator.

In the first case, the rod may have a test from 4 to 14 grams, which allows the use of small lures, turntables, and other small in size and weight of the lure on the overgrown vegetation plots that loves the predator. And a second rod which may have a test from 7 to 28 grams and allows you to catch fish weighing up to 10 kilos, and if necessary gently using the rod can be withdrawn and larger fish.

If the reservoir is not very deep, for example, the maximum depth in some areas is not more than 2 metres, the best baits are the so-called horse lures such as Popper. This lure is on the surface, almost buries and well obleplivaet upper zone. In the shallow areas is even at the bottom of the predator easily locates the bait and attacks her with lightning speed. There is a more cunning subtle baits which are a type of Popper. They are, in effect surface movements are at the rear of the device resembling a propeller and creates additional vibrations, which excite the appetite of a predator. In addition to the poppers may apply other lures that have a small depth of burying, that will provide clear transaction surface and the ability not to cling to the bottom or algae.

During the search for fish fishermen use a fairly large and diverse set of spinning lures. Therefore, the lures get hung up is not worth it, also they can use rotating, oscillating and other types of lures, allowing to use them in various conditions. If you catch a perch, one of the most interesting and «delicious» from the point of view of the fish, and also suitable for use by a fisherman with bait can be a small rotating blazenka. If the spinner is equipped with a heavy core, it will be possible to accomplish long casts. In addition, this spoon works very well in the water due to the vibrating petal, which lures striped predator.

An experienced fisherman will always find the bait that is most optimal in certain conditions. But whatever the charm, of course, they become attached to a fishing line and braided fishing line come to the rescue here. The need to use braided fishing line when fishing for predator at a small depth is unambiguous, since the pulls and tensions of the regular line, there is a danger of losing control over the bait. Braided line has no stretch and so clearly conveys the changes in the hand of the fisherman. In addition, braided fishing line will allow the angler to compensate for the powerful spurts which he feels during the bite. Fish caught on spinning snap, desperately fighting and that fishing line is the link that will provide reliable contact of the angler with the fish.

More interesting is the pike fishing on the principle of throwing. Experienced fishermen almost immediately determine the possible locations of the Parking lot of the pike, we can only accurately and expertly throw the bait to the fish, and then, as slowly as possible to carry out the transaction. This is best suited lures mepps type. They allow trolling with lowest rate the transaction due to the fact that the petal lure much rests and gives you the opportunity to combine such two things as speed and horizon lures. Given the fact that pike, as a rule, standing in the grass, and the depth does not exceed 1.5-2 meters, the predator will easily find the bait and eventually the fisherman will feel the most long-awaited shot in the woods.

Predator, finding the bait, makes a rush and in the first few seconds did not understand what was on the hook. But then begins a serious fight, he is fighting for his life desperately, performs jumps and all kinds of somersaults trying to get off the hook, makes wonderful candles, which often allow him to get rid of the lure. It is here that the angler needs to be especially careful to correctly compensate for the jerks of the fish, avoiding the overloading of a fishing rod and fishing line, which can lead to breakage or malfunction and then the predator will definitely be his desired trophy, which he will remember the long winter evenings.


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