Fishing signs

In all places where you can fish, known for a special fishing signs. Although in different places, these signs are different, there are some General patterns of biting fish.

Biting activity drops sharply after a period of intensive feeding. Feeding period usually lasts about a week, but the lull lasts much longer. Different species of fish different periods Jora and calm. Often, predatory fish caught during a lull is not predatory.

The best bite is observed a few days after spawning.

If we talk about the weather, fishing will be most successful in calm, clear, cool, slightly foggy morning.

If prolonged bad weather is approaching, the fish may stop believing in 1-2 days to the weather.

The nibble fish prevents the strong wind blowing against and over the river. On the lakes the worst biting is during a strong North, North-East and East winds. However, in this weather aktiviziruyutsya pike, apparently, this is due to the fact that the other fish are hiding, and predators are starving.

«Storm picks from the bottom of the bream». The only fish whose fish activity in bad weather bream and silver bream.

The biting gets worse, and sometimes disappears if you raise the water level. Most likely, this is related to the offering in a reservoir with water for more nutrients.

For biting fish may be affected by moon phase. But in some places the fish takes on the growing moon, the best bite falls on the full moon and the waning phase and the guy becomes quiet, and in other areas, the bite active the new moon and the full moon stopped altogether. Thus, the General pattern here.

However, it should be remembered that many of the fishing features — «local». This means that the observation is true for one pond may not be useful when fishing on the other. Therefore, the surest way to get acquainted with the fishing signs to ask experienced anglers, for many years the fish in a particular area. And although they are unlikely to show the favorite fishing spots, but may share local features, which are often the property of the fishermen.


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