Fishing secrets

Fishing mastered long ago, and it has become one of the most favorite activities. The excitement and pleasure derived from it, not to compare with anything. Do not forget about personal safety, we must always be careful not to ignore warning signs. For secrets and tips you need to turn to experienced fishermen.

There are several signs and tips, using which, you can get a good catch. In early spring, when cherry blossoms, are actively biting Chub, during flowering of lilac – no end of roach, and in the summer, during flowering rye – caught bream.

Carp are considered capricious and must adapt themselves to them, during the day, the bait can be changed three times. Well they react to singed horn, the smell attracts them. Very colorful floats should not be used, they scare the big fish, hooks and attachments must be similar in color. The nozzle mesh properly and give it a natural look, in cloudy weather it should be light.

To the worms in a jar bleed is necessary to prevent leakage of water and sun. Plant tips is not like live, they are more natural, use them in processed condition is impossible. Attach the nozzle have clean hands (this includes smokers) fish do not like nicotine.

Bait should not be abused, it is not the main reason the fish are not caught. Jig sometimes need to be cleaned, and apply for this student gum. If as bait to use bread, it should not be very hard, but not limp in the water. It is possible to add custom lures, selling them a large number. Willingly takes the bait fish that is moving, even better, when on the hook the worm and bloodworm.

Butterflies are well stored in the recess of the cut potatoes. The hooks tend to rust, then comes to the aid of a matchbox, its lateral side, which lit the match. The best material for pellets are shipped with a notch, do them with a knife, then to make the line. Strong fishing line can make, and boiling it in a solution of tea, and then it becomes a little brownish.

There are several types of fish which are very poorly cleaned. They also found some approaches, dropping for a few seconds of bass in the hot water, the scales are easier to clean.

Time to catch fish you need to choose a warm and cozy evening or morning.

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