Fishing ruff in February

For most anglers fishing for perch in February is quite a handful. Not every angler will be pleased pulling Cruciferae, a small fish is pleasing to the soul bream. But if you go on the other hand, it is possible to make a completely different conclusion, because ruff is a good bait for catching large predatory fish. First, the ruff is the best gear of its kind for catching burbot and the number of bites is second only to the minnow. Second, none of the ear will not be so good, if it is not a dozen small brushes, which will give it a bright, unforgettable aroma and taste. And Royal ruff, which can reach 15-20 cm in length, and will bring pleasure for every angler.

Where the perch fishing in February?

In small reservoirs, the first lady, when the ice has a transparent crystal, ruff likes to sit in the deeper areas. This is because he does not like strong light, which is present in not very deep areas.

Over time, when the snow settles firmly on the ground and on the ice surface of water bodies, Cruciferae wander around the pond, looking for more fodder. However, the majority still remains at depth.

On reservoirs with a small area are equal and a depth of not less than 3 meters, the situation looks quite different. Ruffs disperse throughout the pond, not paying attention to the light that spreads from the top.

On this body of water to find perch will be very difficult, and only a great knowledge of the place, habits ruff and an active search will help to achieve the desired result. Unlike most small fish, the fish is less exposed to atmospheric pressure, why is always depth, even when the other fish float to the surface. Also ruff will never rise up in search of food, he will wait for her in the lower layers.

With a large hunting ruff is on a flat or slightly down days next to a wall of reeds. Like the minnow, this fish likes a sandy bottom, and as a consequence catch ruff in February can be made at the mouth of the river empties into which namyvaet the sandbar. But sometimes in search of food the fish can ascend upstream and go into the river. A large concentration can be found in the first shallow pits or whirlpools.

When fishing for perch in February at a small depth, for example not more than one meter, it is necessary to observe the maximum silence. The fish are very shy fish and may at any time to run the flow up. Therefore, for the drilling of wells it is better to use screws. To start drilling preferably with a small part of the reservoir. No need to hold a number of holes, because too many will be stronger to cover the ice space, and as was expressed ruff does not like bright places and maybe there for a long time «to go.» Drilled a few holes diagonally from one coast to the other, you need some time to let them ruff calmed down after the turmoil caused by drilling holes.

Often lives close to the shore ruff rests next to a small perch, therefore, knowing the location of this striped predator, you can effortlessly find and ruff. He also did not hesitate, and koristim bottom which is also very good at hiding it from excess light. Only snags must be the old seasoned water. In the recently flooded areas coregister ruff will not be driven because of rotting wood and, consequently, lack of oxygen.

Fishing technique ruff in February.

Fishing ruff need a game spinner. You need to start with a few light bumps on the bottom. Then very slowly you need to lift the jig until it completely bent under my weight (mostly the bite is happening at this moment). If the bite did not happen, slightly shaking the jig to raise it by 20-30 cm and then lower back.

Ruff is quite slow and the game speed of the jig is key. If you do very fast movements, he will simply miss the bait. Hooking the opposite should be very fast to ruff did not have time to deeply swallow the hook or jig.

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