Fishing ruff in December

Once on the surface of rivers and lakes formed a thick ice sheet, we can safely say that started the winter season a boilermaker. Unlike the fall season, fishing for perch in December significantly easier, because in this period, it is less active and a little resists while playing. At the beginning of freeze-up, when the water is still saturated with oxygen, this fish is kept in flocks in shallow silty or sandy areas of the pond near the shore. Over time the pack will go into the deeper places. And this time the bite is much weaker.

There are days when the bite ruff almost unnoticeable: taking a jig with bloodworm in his mouth, he lightly sucking him, standing without movement to the bottom.

Before you go fishing, you need a little bit more prepared. Ruff is a greedy fish that always tries to swallow the bait offered as soon as possible. Often he does not even understand that it swallowed. In addition, ruff does not care about the hook size and the thickness of the twine, which is the bait.

For catching perch in December will fit two rods. First involve manual content the second installation on the ice. Moreover, they both have very small dimensions. The main difference is that in the first case, the float is not provided, and in the second it is. Fishing line is better to choose the most durable, preferably hair that will not freeze in the cold and will not stick to the hole. It is better that it was located almost vertically below the sinker could sink deep, but a little to get to the bottom.

The most convenient for catching perch in December are considered motylya hooks with sufficiently long rods. Often fishermen use such fishing double hooks that are mounted slightly above the sinkers. Ruff, as a rule, is conducted throughout the day. Day since dawn, he takes the bait a little less, starting to actively feed in the evening only. Flocks of ruff rarely leave their familiar spots.

The easiest way to catch perch in December on spinners with spring clips to the hook. In order to make the bait more visible, the whip must be equipped with a sensitive nod. Bite on this gear will be much stronger and the stairs will become more rare. With intense biting is advised to use a jig with a hook barbless. She will help to accelerate the biting, because I do not have to spend time freeing the hook with a strong swallow. To catch perch on rod with a small float. However, bites on it will be much less than for a jig. Lower the desirable bait to the bottom, because usually ruffs touch the belly of the ground.

As bait for catching perch in December, you can get manure worms, bloodworms, sometimes Morrisey and Gorbunkov. The most used and widely known of them are manure worms. In early winter you can find them in dung, in greenhouses or close to bath. You can also use small pieces of colored foam or red hairs. They are usually placed next to the bloodworms. Hungry fish can pounce even on fry. Known cases when ruff was pecking at unusual tips: cheese, dough. In rare cases, large specimens can take small perches and lures.

Perch fishing in December should start, when is the opportune weather. It should be remembered that extreme cold the fish bite much better than in windy weather. On the lakes ruffs try to avoid very deep places and the middle of the pond, therefore, live mainly in cosy hollows around the coast. The most difficult and time consuming work is removing fish from the hook, because it is very prickly to the touch and strongly takes the bait.

By the end of December, the bite is much weaker, and almost completely stops during a strong cold snap. With the warming bite ruff again restored and enhanced.


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