Fishing Rotana in winter

A few years ago, when the predator began its triumphant March through the reservoirs of Central Russia, it was believed that this fish is a weed, harmful and is subject to total extermination. Over time the attitude among fishers to Rotana has changed. It turned out that not every body of water him, catching him at times I wonder that when it reaches a decent size rotan becomes quite attractive from a gastronomic point of view. In addition, fans of winter fishing it was a lifesaver, because in the closed basins where rotan was caught on the ice rises in a week and a half earlier than in the rivers.

In the first days after the ice on the lake got up, rotan is very active in search of food, so biting it at this time the most active. Rotan at this time loves to be in the coastal zone, broke. It is from shallow coastal areas is to begin the search in the pond. He is not afraid of the noise from the ice over your head, so when luck strikes could begin almost immediately. Search for it is very suitable for the same tactic as when searching for perch: so you can prepare a few holes in the direction from the shore, but then turns to sh.

Once the ice is thick enough, rotan gather in flocks that are kept on the border with underwater vegetation and rocks remain on the smaller instances. Subsequently, with increasing thickness of the ice, schools of fish gather in the deepest areas of the reservoir. Rotan is not afraid of the freezing pond, he just verzet in the ice, and the spring returns to normal life.

It’s safe to say that the catch will depend on the number of punched holes. After all, whatever rotan greedy for food, but after the capture of 2-3 individuals hole fades, it is possible to catch about half an hour later, but in order not to waste the short winter day, is to have a few holes and move between them. It is worth noting the wells, who worked in the morning, in the afternoon bite they may even surpass the quality of the morning.

Many fishermen rarely encounter rotan, tend to think, to catch him is not difficult, even on a rough tackle, but this belief can’t be correct. A Rotana when fishing in the winter depends on the quality of gear, it can be configured. If the first ice rotan actively caught even on relatively thick fishing line, by the end of December it is desirable that the fishing line did not exceed 0.1 mm. Fishermen, in the course of numerous experiments, found that the most convenient to catch this predator on the small perches of the spinner, preferably with a planting piece of beef, which somehow rotan caring, slices of unsalted fat or big bunch of maggots. Moreover, despite the inherent greed, rotan does not like the bait that has long been in the water, so to maintain a stable bite, the meat on the hook must be replaced periodically. Not bad when fishing Rotana proven large plastic jigs with phosphorescent colors, however they are quite light, but the problem is solved by using an additional small weights, 5-6 cm from the spinner.

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