Fishing Rotana in winter the subtleties and secrets

Fishing Rotana in winter

Rotan is a small predatory fish, the usual size of which does not exceed 25 cm and weighing 300 grams. There are reports on the production of animals in more than 600 grams, but this is more the exception than the rule. Fishing Rotana winter is very exciting. Despite its small size, this predator actively bite throughout the winter, making fishing not only interesting but also productive.

Fishing methods

Catching rotan, firebrand, ice in several ways – by trolling, lure or imitation fish (postawski). Each of the ways are good in certain periods of the winter, and also depends on the activity of the fish, its size, and the preference of the angler.

I. Fishing on mormyshka.

fishing Rotana on mormyshku

This method is one of the most popular. The lure is an artificial lure with a metal soldered hook. Can be used with a nozzle and without.

Selection of tackle

To choose the tackle is not difficult – the small size of the predator allow you to use any fishing rod for winter fishing. Very often fishermen use «balalaika» with a nod. This rod has a number of advantages – light, comfortable, has a small size, already fitted with a small coil, which performs the function of the handle.

Fishing line – the usual monofilament with a diameter of 0.08-0.12 mm, it Should be noted that rotan is not true for the shy fish, and eagerly grabs the prey, not even afraid of thick fishing line, so even monofilament thickness of 0.2 mm is Often thick fishing line necessary – Rotana usually catch in the thickets of underwater grass where traction is standard.

A short Nod from Dacron or silicone tubing. You can buy at the store or make yourself.

Feature bait

Features of jigs:

1. Form:

– pellet;

– damn;

– osinka;

– drop;


It is possible to apply other models of spinners – rotan quite greedy and grabs the bait, not really looking at the form.

2. Material. Fishing occurs at shallow depth, so tin and lead lures. If thick lines, you should take the heavy mormyshkas from tungsten, which allow you to quickly snap down to the bottom.

3. Color. Specific color does not exist – Pisces preferences can change quickly. The best are the bright lure of white, Golden and silver color.

4. Size. Rotan has a huge head – up to a third of body length, and a very large mouth can easily swallow even the large spoon. It is preferable to use medium to large lures with hooks of 4-5 sizes at the discretion of the angler. Spinners small size predator swallows deeply, and then removing them is problematic. For the same reason the hooks must be long forend.

Fishing technique

Game the jig is not particularly complicated. Most often it is the touch of a bottom bait, followed by a sharp rise of 20-30 cm and a pause, during which follows the bite. To diversify the game by tapping the lure on the ground and the vibrations. Too much twitch the bait should not be – the head are not often attack a moving bait, preferring to miss a stationary prey.

At bad bite, especially in gluhozime should go on smooth game tackle with long pauses or even catching on a stationary jig.

On the bare hook rotan bite, but not often, giving supplementary animal feed. On bessatalk it can be captured in the period of Pervolia when the fish are very active and missing almost all of the bait indiscriminately. At this time on the bare jig often caught large specimens of Amur sleeper.

II. Trolling and balancer.

Actively used throughout the winter. This method is a lot like fishing on mormyshka. Small differences in the selection of gear:

• Fishing line applies a thicker – 0,16-0,20 mm

• Nod hard, made of a metal plate or silicone, up to 7 cm.

The feature of bait:

1. Size. Used perches lures for vertical wiring length of 2-3 cm.

2. Color. Usually use spinners and balances in gold or silver color. The best is bait, the lower half of which is covered emit light substance, and the top is painted in gold color.

3. Hook. Or soldered, or slidably mounted with long shank. Well established bait, equipped with a movable tee eye» – a bright colored bead at the base of the hook.

Fishing technique

fishing technique Rotana

The game is as follows: the bait is tossed over the bottom and is released into free fall. At the bottom it is necessary to make a pause of a few seconds. Can be effective jiggle lure close to the bottom or tapping on the ground.

As in the case of the spoon on the bare lure the predator rarely bite – even a small piece of bait should always be present on the hook. In this case, the head can grip even lying on the bottom of the spinner.

In some cases, even use the bottom of the spinner is the front part of the lure goes to the bottom, and a hook fixed at the tail, their vibrations are attracted to prowling at the bottom of the predator.

III. Fishing with imitation fish or postawski.

If the pond is large rotan is found, it can be successfully catch on to the imitation fish. Of course. This method is not suitable for lovers of winter fishing, but the results may be good enough.

You can use the normal purchase imitation fish for pike, only removing unnecessary metal leash. It is also very easy to make a regular Postavsky that efficiency will not concede to purchase gear.

Device postawski:

• Takes a wooden stick, the length of which exceeds the diameter of the hole.

• Tied to a stick a few meters of the line thickness of 0,3-0,5 mm

• At the end of the main fishing line is attached to the leash with a tee;

• Above the leash is fixed weight olive weight of 15-20 grams.

Make use of this tackle is very simple. The hook is pushed live bait, after which the tackle is lowered into the water until the sinker touches bottom. Extra fishing line is wound on a stick laid across the hole. In the future, it remains only to periodically check the gear on the presence of prey.

Nadlezno imitation fish can be replaced underwater. In this case, the fishing line is wound on a flyer made of wood and is fixed in the slot made in one of the double ends. For single-end flyer attached to the cord or the wire, which is fixed on the surface of the ice or also is tied to the stick laying across the hole. In this case, the predator, catching prey, pulls the line out of the slot, which is freely slipping from the flyers, gives him the opportunity to quietly swallow the bait.

As bait when fishing on imitation fish using live bait. Usually take fish of the same species – cannibalism Rotanov very common. Here we should consider one thing – due to the huge jaws of rotan is often missing a very large prey, it is slightly inferior in size. In this regard, the use of small bait fish is unlikely to lead to the capture of a large instance. Many fishermen recommend taking large live bait with a weight of 60-70 grams.

Stick bait is better not behind, and outputting the leash through the gills so that the hook was in his mouth. Further, the leash is fastened to the fishing line and the bait is able to stay long in the movable state.

Bait and bait

Whether the use of bait for Rotana opinions differ. With a good bite, you can catch 4-5 kg of fish for 2-3 hours, but there are recessions, when rotan reacts poorly to production, and should be further lure.

Like any predator, rotan feeds almost exclusively on animal food and as bait you can use:

– offal;

– fresh fat;

– sausage;

– finely chopped fish or pieces of meat and other corn ingredients.

Fishing Rotana in the winter, as a rule, not without bait. It can be:


– maggot;

– Motyl;

– insect larvae;

– meat or fish pieces;


chicken skin;

– the liver;

– a light.

On the last bait deserves mention. A piece of chicken skin is very comfortable and a popular bait because of such properties:

• Elasticity and durability allow to change the bait throughout the fishing day.

• Subcutaneous fat very well attract a firebrand with its smell.

• Coloring makes the bait very visible in the marshy water, inhabited by rotan.

• Because of the ease of a piece of skin in water floats horizontally, resembling live prey.

Need to cut a small piece of elongated triangular shape. Then he rolled up and fixed on the hook for a thick base.

Rotan is not too fond of the bait had been in the water. Therefore, even the chicken skin should be changed not less than once in half an hour, and the rest of the bait more often.


places Samoilovs Rotana Rotana the winter

Immediately I must say that rotan is very sensitive to water quality. Prefers richly overgrown ponds with standing water, so successfully caught in ponds, wetlands, oxbow.

Catches prey from ambush, so efficient are:

• accumulations of algae;

• snags and blockages;

• borders of thickets and free water;

• areas near the shore, and overgrown with reeds or cane;

• the differences of depths.

Depending on the period of Parking Rotana change:

1. The beginning of winter. By pervalidus the predator is very active and caught all over the lake. Special attention should be paid to shallow coastal areas with vegetation, to a depth of about a meter.

2. The middle. In late January – early February of oxygen in the water becomes less and the bite is much weaker. The fish goes from the coast toward the middle of the reservoir and rests near the rubble of driftwood and differences in depth. It can be also found near underwater springs where the amount of dissolved oxygen is very high. For shallow and small ponds the bite may be completely absent.

3. The end of winter. With the approach of spring rotan aktiviziruyutsya and begins to eat. Moved after the fry closer to the coastal areas where streams flow into the melt water.

Tactics and secrets of fishing

tactics for catching Rotana

Selecting a suitable site, prepare for fishing, drill at least ten holes. Positioning them better at a distance of about 3 meters from each other in chessboard order. Begin drilling near the shore, gradually move to the middle of the pond.

Exploit at a time, starting with the first hole, highlighting every 3-5 minutes of the game bait. As this predator in winter, forms large flocks, to catch large amounts of fish from one hole will not work.

Quite often Rotana Sivkovych caught on several rods simultaneously. To do this you must use lures with the bait. Tackle fall into the water, and rods are installed on the ice to the stands. The bite is sharp and usually does not require cuttings. Seized upon the bait rotan is unlikely to break thanks to the big mouth and greed he immediately swallows the prey, and the hook is deep inside.

When you use homemade signaling device it can be easily fixed using a small clamp-crocodile attached to the end of spinning.

If the bite is not too active, it is possible to periodically bypass the holes and installed the rods and flexing the bait. Such tactics, of course, more tedious fishing, but allows you to attract the attention of the predator to the bait.

Sometimes it happens quite original fishing Rotana in winter it cut down right off the ice. The fact that this fish is very hardy and able to withstand the complete freezing of the pond. In this case, embers gather into a tight ball, covered outside with a layer of mucus secreted by them, and winter, versa in the ice. With the increase in water temperature the fish thaws and revives without harm to health.

Advice from experienced anglers:

• Without extractor to extract deep-down hook will be very problematic.

• Rotan is usually kept near the bottom, so the height of the crystals rarely exceed 50 cm.

• Quick change of weather entails a sharp deterioration of the fish.

• When fishing a stationary bait, a nod can easily replace the float. The main thing – time to clear the hole, so that it is not frozen into the ice and lost sensitivity.

• Effective spinner and jig with light areas – in the muddy, heavily overgrown water, where they often take Rotana, this bait will be visible even in cloudy weather.

Bred rotan, lived in the far East, is becoming more and more popular winter fishing. This contributes to the also rather delicious white meat that almost no bones. And when you consider that the fishermen reported about the detention of individuals in two or even three pounds, fishing Rotana turns to winter still on the hunt for the trophy instances.

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