Fishing river, Komi Republic

So, if you love fishing and decided to explore the vastness of the country, should pay attention to the river, vast expanses of the country. The wild beauty of these places leaves an impression, so did not want to leave them. The most beautiful river for fishing are found in the Komi Republic, although they are still not popular among massive numbers of fishermen.Your journey should start with. This is quite wide the river is quite difficult to find a suitable place, so you should try. However, finding it impossible to regret – the perfect perch will delight any fisherman, because, despite small or moderately sized they are found in large numbers.

Next the fish is grayling, but to catch him is extremely difficult, because he lives in a very strange, hard to reach places. Find pike in these areas is almost impossible, even for locals not to mention tourists.The river Vym is also very difficult to find Parking. However, if you go down to the confluence of the river and a large influx is a very efficient point with a lot of catch. Selected perch and grayling are found here in large numbers, however, as expected, fishing for grayling is quite complicated.

Ate up, then you can stumble on the threshold, where the main prey also has grayling. The most effective fishing is within a few hours after sunrise. When Vym goes into the Jelva, to production attached Dace and pike. Though the shores and rugged, but the fishing in these places is extremely fascinating.Farther to the North, where the end of the road you can stumble upon a large number of rivers and streams. Here there are lots of great muscles, however, due to numerous fallen trees fishing is quite extreme. Every turn of the river here is unique, so find the perch Parking is pretty easy.

Fishing here will bring you a lot of goals catch.Finally, you can drive to the Sysola river. There are many places for fishing for pike, and in the morning with minimal resistance. As a means of movement is to use an inflatable boat with a motor, because it allows you to move very quickly on the river.Many rivers can bring you quite a large catch of perch and grayling, and also do not forget about microracer, which is quite easy to catch small grayling from shore. These small taiga river give a special spirit and force to stock up impressions for the whole year.

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