Fishing Podust in the summer months

The bite of a Podust aktiviziruyutsya with the end of the month of may. Most often this fish is found on rocky, pebbly, clayey sections of the river day and compulsory for the. Goes packs. In appearance it is a beautiful, large, silvery fish that has brushvale body, black-green back and a shark’s lower lip, weighing up to four hundred grams (there are weighing up to two kilograms). The process of catching Podust it very interesting, he is very active on the hook and gets off. And though Podust not very tasty, bony – fishermen love to compete with him while fishing. Take a look. Your neighbor on the fishing catches, but he undermines? Sweeping and very dramatically. And this is important. The hook it is desirable to have two and a half millimeter, but can be more. Gear is very short. As soon as the float twitched – you need to quickly reel in. Differently will not work. To catch Podust, there’s plenty to know. To the nozzles it is unpretentious. Loves the larvae of the green flies, bloodworms, refuses maggots, breadcrumbs and the cooked barley. This fish is Moody, sometimes goes to the bait is not suitable. Try and red worms and peas, and more. He loves vegetarian food, so use and green algae removed immediately from the stones. Remember that the depth should be from half to three meters. The bottom should be free of hooks, but uneven. Access to the shore is desirable, that would have been fine. Catch fish, remove it from the hook — do not damage, place it in a garden, and push it deeper into the water. When you are finished fishing, remove the Podust from the garden, dry it in the grass and she put it in the backpack. In this way the fish lasts longer. Cooking gear, select a fishing rod such that it does not get to the place feed the Podust. Fishing line should be zero twenty – five, zero thirty millimeters, and the hook number five or six. The float is attached to the lower and consists of stem and tube. Nozzle, weight – pellet and was five inches from the hook – this should meet the opportunities of the float. Be careful when lifting small fish pellets, the float jumps. This is a signal to the angler. It can’t be missed. If you «overslept», Podust will push the hook out of the mouth. Catch it on the donkey, in terms of muddy waters (in the spring) and the wiring from the boat and the shore. Sometimes he comes across on zakidushki. This is a daily fish. Takes the nozzle early in the dawn, and only for three hours. Three hours before sunset the biting starts again, and with darkening – stop until the next morning.

The playing of Podust requires fishing skill. Easy cuttings can not be. It must be such that the rod fate is in your hands. Success!

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