Fishing platform

Fishing platform a few years ago was a lot of professional athletes in the feeder and float fishing. Today, the special type is essentially a fishing chair and demanded a large number of Amateur fishermen.

The main advantages of modern fishing platforms are the following technical and functional features that radically distinguish them from the fishing chairs:

The possibility of installing platforms in water

Any fishing platform has adjustable legs and foot rest that allows you to install it on shore with any type of soil or at shallow depth. Wide bottom supports allow you to install the platform even on a marshy, muddy or sandy soil.

A better fit

Most fishing platforms does not require the presence of the back. Fishing is carried out with a vertical rise and a straight back that makes it easier to work with a fishing rod, and allows you to make more accurate throws. However, some models have the option of installing a vertical backrest is adjustable in angle of inclination.

The possibility of installing different holders and coasters

Unlike regular fishing seat platform is a multifunctional device, which is possible to install the required number of owners for primary and backup rods, and as supports for containers with bait, bait and attractants.

Thus, in the area direct access to the most modern platforms there is a large number of built-in drawers for storage of instruments and tools that allows the angler from your platform to get the desired object snap.

The possibility of storing and transporting weapons, tools and equipment

The inner space of the fishing platforms allows you to store and transport all the necessary equipment for fishing. A sufficiently large internal volume and availability of different containers allows you to sort all the gear, equipment and tools and after the installation of the platform within a short period of time to start fishing.

The modularity of the system

The most fishing platforms sold in the base set. After the purchase of the platform, the fisherman himself re-buy is needed for a particular kind of fishing stands, holders and containers. This allows you to save funds in the procurement of so-called attachments and to create a convenient modular system.

Disadvantages of fishing platforms

The main drawback of the fishing platforms is quite large external dimensions and a heavy weight in curb. To transport the platforms on large distances along the shore of the pond many anglers use a special transport truck.

Besides weight and dimensions, another drawback of the fishing platforms is the high cost. The price of the base model of the famous producers start at$ 500, and the cost of the full kit can be more than 1500$.

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