Fishing perched. Technique and tactics of fishing.

Probably not a fisherman who’d never heard of fish such as bleak. This small fish lives in large numbers in almost all freshwater reservoirs of the middle band. She prefers to unite in large flocks and stay in the heated layers of water. It should be said that many anglers don’t like bleak: in their opinion, it only gets to hunt larger fish. But actually, fishing of bleak is a very interesting and gambling, as over a short period of time it is possible to grub up dozens of the fish. Surprisingly, some professional fishermen often catch a bleak. They need to train speed and concentration, for this type of fishing is very dynamic.

Bleak, as has been said, is caught in nearly all waters, regardless of their size. But to the ordinary angler the Amateur to catch a large number of bleak, you need to know some secrets and tricks.

The first and main point: we need to choose the right place. No this will not work, no fishing, because the factor make the right choice is crucial. Even if the fisherman will choose a great tackle, I guess the bait and the bait – this is not a guarantee of success.

Flocks bleak especially love to stay on the differences of depths. To identify such places, you need to know about the bottom topography. Some fishermen previously engaged in fishing other fish, trying to throw the lure into the grass or reeds. It is a blunder! Bleak is afraid of all sorts of shrubs, snags, reeds – there, it can lie in wait for the predator.

On warm summer days bleak is mainly on well-warmed shallows. When cold and at lower atmospheric pressure bleak out in the middle water layers, and its bite is so intense.

The best time for catching this species of fish morning and evening. A bleak day reduces the activity of feeding, the night – stops to peck at all.

Now, having dealt with the place of fishing, you can talk about bait bleak. Some do not use the bait, saying, bleak and without her biting well. Some of these people are right, but the fish is never overly intense. And in order to catch large bleak necessarily need bait. On that site, which Rybak will overfeed, will come larger species, and displace smaller fish.

Trade bait – the process is quite simple and not expensive. You can use wet and dry bait. Expensive store-bought bait to buy not necessarily – you can make the basis of a mixture of soil and sand. The main components of such a bait should be breadcrumbs, barley, pea porridge or some other mass. It is recommended to add the animals the components that will be used as bait. When mixing groundbait have to use water from this reservoir.

Another moment of successful fishing is the bait. Here it is worth considering the fodder value bleak. Spring is the best attachment for fishing of bleak is a moth or fly larva. In the summer these baits is added to the dough, bread, and sometimes corn. It is understood that the choice of bait depends entirely on the characteristics of the reservoir, the weather, the time of year. So no one can say exactly which bait is better in a particular body of water – it will find most of the fishermen. To find the most catchability bait, you need to experiment.

Tackle for bleak needs the most delicate: a light rod (150 grams), a float with a small load capacity, the hook № 2,5–3. Do not be afraid that the hook would be too small: the smaller, the better. Put a sinker? Depending on the lift of the float: if it is too small, you can not hang the goods. Otherwise, you need to use a small ball of lead. Line thickness not more than 0.2. The best option – at 0.12–0.15. The diameter of the line, which is made of a leash – even thinner.

Now directly about the opportunity. Perch usually bite very quickly so do not delay and you should immediately reel in. Sweeps have to be fast to the fish did not have time to go. Lips bleak rather weak, so there are permanent stairs. But this is more than kompensiruet the number of bites per minute. With proper skill you can catch more than a hundred fishes per 40-50 minutes of fishing. As already mentioned above. Such an active dynamic fishing develops attention and reaction.

After catching the question arises: how is it to use nalovlennyh fish? Usually fishermen releasing bleak or feed it to the cat. But there’s more to good use bleak: you can eat it yourself. You can fry fish, and you can zavalit. Despite its small weight and size, fat content meat bleak is not inferior to the meat of bream!

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