Fishing on the track (trolling)

When fishing on track angler slowly swims by the boat, towing astern spinning lure (spinner or oscillating Wobbler) on a long line (30-50 m). Maybe that’s why it is called this simple way of fishing that a moving boat stretches not only disappears water lane, but the spinner on the line. But since not everywhere it is allowed to catch the boat, then, as of old, will have to work the oars. Trolling — it’s the same track, called a borrowed word. However, in most cases, this is the track catching lots of gear to place on the stern of the boat attach special structures. So for simple paths, you can safely leave her ancient name. This trip brings its fruit in early summer and autumn. Before the wide spread of spinning exactly silt way of catching large predatory fish using artificial bait. Catching predatory fish on the track is recommended in tandem: one needs to control the boat and the other works directly with the gear. From sailing boat to slowly opuskaet tackle, give the boat a quiet move, but the tremors that gives the effect of raising, lowering of the lure, causing the predator’s attack. In addition to Chub, on track to catch perch, catfish, pike, perch,. The coil or wound motovelotehnika 100 or so meters of the line, does not make sense to let go more than 35 — 45 meters from the boat. It becomes more inertia in control, but the high inertia of the gear is hard to strike efficiently. The line is not necessary to choose too thin, with a diameter of 0.4 — 0.5 mm is sufficient, but no individual weights will not do: it allows in the case of small distances from it to the next spinner carry her over the grass and snags with no hooks. The spinner is better to install on a separate leash secured on top of the distance of the length of the leash. Gorodechnyi you like to fish a dead fish on snastochki — the constant accusations they have, so fish does not break and does not fall down with snastochki.

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