Fishing on the Siberian rivers during the winter. Grayling.

In the Siberian taiga rivers have always caught grayling. This is truly a Royal fish. People who catch grayling, I get up very early and go very far into the forest to the river below as early as 7 — 8am drill the hole and start fishing. But it’s worth grayling. The manner of grayling bite like the bite of a hungry bass are sharp, confident, felt strong disposition of a predator. This makes the fishing of particular interest.

Winter grayling river sinking into the pit. You can just follow the river from pit to pit, gradually their oblasova. There are cases when very large grayling stands in the shallow water in between the ice and the bottom, which is only 15 — 20 cm, But is still the main fishing takes place in the pits. Basically the first time will take the little and middle, need to get to give to go to big grayling. Typically, the majors are very careful, but if he went out to feed, it takes a confident and almost immediately, dispersing smaller fish.

Catch grayling in the Siberian taiga rivers of the worm stored in the fall, bloodworms or cheese. He does not shy away from maggots, which is not bad bite, and gammarus. As grayling loves cheese, DeLonghi drilled at a distance of 2 meters. In an upstream feeder throw the cheese, and the bottom catch. With this method, the bait can be fished on a round foam pieces grayling takes him for a cheese and perfectly takes.

The game mostly uses that. Need to knock the jig along the bottom, 3 to 4 times, attracting fish. And then, finely twitching the rod to lift the bait at 30 — 40 cm from the bottom. Then a sharp drop the bait to the bottom. Grayling takes on the descent and when the bait with bait rises from the bottom, raising a cloud of Muti, and on the bottom simulating a crawling insect.

Depending on living in the river animals, fishing line is taken as the minimum thickness. Mostly 0, 10. As for the jigs, on the bottom is tied a heavy jig to fight over. Above, at a distance of 10 — 15 cm, attached front sight bright red, orange, or red colors. A nod it is advisable to take the pet. His qualities are perfectly suited for catching this predator. Well, and the rod may be of any design, if only it was convenient and at hand.

Grayling takes all winter and even in gluhozime can be a great catches.

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