Fishing on spinning

Fly fishing on a spinning reel the angler makes special demands on physical training and so this type of fishing can truly be called sports. People who lead a passive lifestyle is not easy to overcome the distance of 5-10 km along the shore, wading in every conceivable point for the throw, and especially to do it in a boat, rowing with oars. Spinnings to put more and interest in this type of fishing is undoubtedly increasing. To verify this, it is enough to get out on the water, and there you will see fishermen with spinning. Also if you look at the rapidly growing areas of fishing markets and the number of stores is a sure indicator of increasing interest in fishing.

Fisherman-spinning could be anyone, you need to buy a spinning, businessyou reel, fishing line, leashes and a few lures. For a start, should not go to extremes and buy a super expensive rod and reel. The rod is better to take the average of length and on the test because you do not know what lures will fish and will try everything. Also to begin to start catching simple and not expensive lures because certainly in this period I loss.

For the first time go fishing with an experienced fisherman who will show you some of the basics in the technique of casting. Demonstrate vertical and lateral throw. The first casting better done in the open areas of water with a gently sloping beach with no vegetation. Also, make sure to in the vicinity were not humans, animals, machines, etc., to do no injury. The first angler to hope for success is not necessary, it is better to pay attention to the technique and try to feel the tackle.

The simplest and most common is the vertical casting, it can be applied, if the top no trees, it allows you to do the most long balls. A side cast is used when the top is filled with obstacles, or you want to throw the bait hanging over the tree over the water.

When casting you need to observe the flight of the spoon when it touches water, it is necessary to close raskoldoval. Depending on the depth a little while, to start the transaction. The rod need to hold at an angle to the line, this will allow to quickly react to the bite and hooking of a predator. It is also important when diving lure, to calculate how many seconds you need to dive to the bottom, thereby, it is possible to do the following wiring to the desired depth.

If there was a hook, don’t tear the tackle, it’s probably just water vegetation or of the tavern, from which it is possible to get rid of. To adjust, loosen the line and pull a few times as left and right, if the tackle is released, quickly podmahivala line. If the cliff not be avoided, then take a stick wrap the fishing line and pull, in any case, do not pull the coil, its stopper can fail. In the development of fishing from shore, you can start angling from the boat, but that’s another story.

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