Fishing on imitation fish in the winter


Fishing on imitation fish in the winter – it is laborious, but fascinating. Imitation fish are used to catch predators. They are obvious and ice. The first imitation fish is fitted with check boxes that trigger after you fix the bite. In ice Gerlich bite is not visible, therefore they should be checked periodically. So what is the imitation fish?

The imitation fish is a fishing tackle (device) for fishing for predatory fish. It consists of a fishing line which is wound on the spool, and that in turn attaches to the stuck the dirty pole. Most often in the winter zherlits catch pike. Also often fish for walleye, burbot, perch.

Fishing on imitation fish attracts a growing number of fans. The rules of sports and Amateur fishery, there are regulations on the number allowed to use Gerlich. Zherlits should not be more than five pieces on one fisherman. Of course, the number of Gerlich nobody checks, so each fisherman can set a dozen zherlits at the same time. The number of Gerlich does not affect the catch, it will confirm every lover of fishing. Most importantly, the correct placement of Gerlich. The first step is to decide on a place. First and foremost, you must know the terrain and the depth under the ice. Then you need to put imitation fish for the best places. Typically, these locations are determined by the depth gauge. You can do it yourself. Most fishermen measure the depth line, separated by knots or beads at regular intervals. The depth should be greater than 5 m. most of the fishermen because of his laziness set imitation fish right near the shore. This action is incorrect, as most of the shore is shallow, and in winter under ice depth may shrink to a meter. Fish simply have nowhere to «climb». Set imitation fish mostly in a line at a distance of 20-30 meters. In the middle of winter, the distance can be reduced since the fish is not so fast swimmer. The combination of installing Gerlich you can think of a variety, and maybe work.

As for ice, to set Gerlich is better to choose the terrain with a thick crust of ice. As the fishermen say: «the thicker the ice the greater the catch.» The fact is that under a thick layer of fish calmer. She is not frightened of the movements of the fishermen. If the ice is thin and transparent, you should choose the countryside dusted with snow.

A real fisherman knows that the Gerlich may vary depending on the type of fish that decided to go fishing. Let us examine fishing on imitation fish in the winter on each fish separately.

1.Fishing for walleye. They can be caught by Gerlich all winter. Imitation fish should be set on the variable bottom topography on deep holes near snags. When the ice is thick and hard drilling ice screws, set of zherlits more. Pike at this time eats only two times a week, so catch it very difficult. Often near the wells with the imitation fish cut another hole with a lure to attract fish. You can catch a flock and perch if fishing more than one person. Imitation fish should be moved to the place where the most light boxes.

2.Fishing for burbot. Imitation fish for catching burbot different from the usual. In such Gerlich fishing line can be of greater length. The length of the line must exceed the selected depth of two feet. Stock make for a freewheel burbot. The imitation fish is installed at a distance of 10-15 meters from each other. But then imitation fish-boxes stand closer to zagorovska Gerlich, because the area where fish stays small. Fishing for burbot at night.

3.Pike. For fishing for pike any zherlitsa. Pike like quiet places, so the imitation fish should be placed on the bays, on the quiet creeks and streams. Depth can be a little more than a meter. Apart from imitation fish at a distance of 10 meters, the fishermen are watching. If the day or night there was not a single bite, imitation fish moving. Bite depend on the size of the fish. Small pike grabbed the extraction tends to quickly leave, resulting in actively began to get the fishing line from the spool. First big pike turns the bait, but if zherlitsa installed over the Parking lot of the pike, any potager may not be. Pike grabs the bait, it can stay in place, so often it is necessary to adjust by pulling the fishing line.

The size of the catch depends on the type of fishing on imitation fish. Fishing can be passive and active. Passive fishing is when you just install the hooks under the ice and wait for prey. Active fishing involves the repeated transfer of Gerlich. Whichever fish was not fishing, fishermen are advised to carry the imitation fish in different places every two hours. Also many anglers use Navigator, which will wear the coordinates of the holes and under each coordinate record your catch. The age of modern gadgets are not the target of fishing party.

Well, according to tradition, – which can be fishing on imitation fish in the winter without Russian vodka? She, of course, permissible, but you should never forget with what purpose it was organized the fishing trip.

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