Fishing on an unfamiliar body of water

It is impossible to come to an unfamiliar body of water and immediately start to fish successfully. For the beginning angler need to pick up to the pond to «key». First and foremost, this applies to carp fishing.

Fishing on an unfamiliar body of water is always exciting. Every fisherman goes hoping to learn something new, to catch a lot of fish. But not everyone can build the right tactics, at least that’s just. The most important thing — to find as much information as possible on the issue of the reservoir. And then the next departures will justify all hopes.

For information, you must go, of course, the Internet. In the network there are many special forums frequented by fishermen. You can always ask a question about the pond. Also, fishermen regularly make reports about fishing.

The most important thing to find out information about the structure of the bottom of the reservoir and promising points of fishing. And if the angler managed to get hold of such information, hence the task is completed.

When talking with fishermen, it is desirable to learn about what the fish are biting on the pond, at what time, at what distance from the shore it is better to catch, what tackle to use, what bait is better, etc.

The output of the received information necessary to prepare tackle, bait, bait. For example, it was found that the pond has large carp, and they are caught far from shore. So, you will need a fairly powerful feeder tackle, fishing hooks and a worm on a hook.

Most of the fishermen leave behind on the pond debris. This, of course, bad, but this much we can learn for ourselves. For example, for abandoned packages, you can learn what bait and bait used by the fisherman.

A typical situation where sitting two fishermen, one drags one after another the fish, and the other can’t catch anything. And only when more than happy fisherman leaves, debris left by them, it is clear that he used a different bait.

Not all anglers equally lucky. One can be a good day, the other — on the contrary. You must watch successful fishermen, what tackle to use, where to throw the bait, etc.

Another common situation is when a fisherman throws a fishing rod is constantly chaotic in different points of the pond and remove a lot of fish. Another fisherman is trying to sh only promising spots and nothing he can not. The fact is that not all fish are long near the bait, and prefer to move on their paths. Such fish include carp. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a chaotic casts.

As soon as you gather sufficient information about the reservoir, fishing is guaranteed to be successful, and then you can experiment with different gear and baits.

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