Fishing on a June bug

Due to the small period relegation may beetle not all anglers could use it as bait. But to produce it not difficult enough to get dinner in the woods or on a garden plot with fine-meshed net. If not, you as a child use some sort of jacket. More productive extraction of beetle in the morning – need to find a newly planted tree and to shake – shivering, sleepy insects will fall to the ground, and they are easy to collect in advance prepared capacity, for example in a plastic bottle.

Basically, using Khrushchev, extract of muscle and Chub, as the period of life of the beetle sufficiently coincides with the period of increased activity of this fish. There maybe a small bite sarasper, and sometimes comes and ASP.

The snap-in has no special priorities, therefore, is chosen at its own discretion depending on the reservoir (for example, when fishing in small rivers small enough to be spinning with the test up to 16 grams of the hook from the 6-th to 10-th number (if to use the Russian classification), and floating fishing line, such as flurocarbon. Only the float is somewhat inappropriate – in contact with the water unavoidable additional noise and can frighten this cunning fish like Chub. It is better to replace it with a conventional stick – and less noise, and appearance of such imitation will not repel fish from the bait. Nozzle Khrushchev also does not pose any complications it would be best to work from the bottom part of the head, and pulling the stinger in the abdomen. To look of course, the bug must swim. Therefore, to pierce the beetle should be very deep. Then the bait will stay on the surface of the water, and the hook under it. After a successful bite, and respectively the further struggle when stretching, it is advisable to move and never return to the place of successful fishing at least an hour. A word of advice – easier to look out for fish in the clear water, having polarized glasses.

It’s best to use a bait catching boat, in a possible period of catching a bug, a ban on fishing. So a choice of 3 options – buy a license, pay a fine (at the risk of losing a trophy), or to stop fishing from the shore.

Having an adequate supply of beetles is easier to find hidden fish. Enough to throw in the water 1-2 Khrushchev and Chub will inevitably be tempted to attack such a feeding. After this attack, you can safely throw baited beetle and soon-to-be bite, as Chub often kept in pairs or more.

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