Fishing korchakol

Korczaka is a kind of fishing tackle which is frequently used by the inhabitants of the Siberian villages on the Ob, the Tom and Yenisei rivers and hundreds of small rivers and streams. The undeniable advantage of carcaci is that it is possible to catch almost any fish, choosing the right bait. You can even catch a pike, which the other gear is caught with great difficulty.


So what is korchaka?

Structurally, this round basket is shaped like a large jar, the neck of which is covered inside. Basket woven from willow or cherry branches. In modern versions often use the same steel wire – it is more durable and better fishing gear rests on the bottom. If the basket is only woven out of willow rods cherries, it is necessary to attach a kind of anchor, which often becomes tied with rope to a stone.

Important design detail carcaci there is a large wooden tube that is where the «pitcher» would be located «at the bottom».

For catching fish korczaka inside coated with a test acting as bait for most fish. If korczaka is placed on a pike as bait is better to use a drowning fish or pieces of meat. Once the bait is secured inside gear korczaka immersed in water. It is placed so that the river would carry the fish into the funnel, which forms to twist the neck «of the jar». Fish fun swims in carcaci, but to get out can’t find a way out through the narrow neck of a jug, and even against the current, she can not afford.

Korczaka is installed on the bottom of the river in the evening at sunset or after sunset. Just after sunrise the gear can be removed. Usually for help carcaci manage to catch quite a lot of fish, but the size of production, of course, limited by the diameter of the «neck» of the jar – a big fish it misses. At the same time increase korczaka so that the «throat» at the narrowest point was wider than six inches is not possible – then chances are eating the bait fish will be able to get out of the trap.

The size of the fish can be increased by increasing the length of carcaci, the amount of bait and time at which korczaka is installed in the water. However, in any case, keep korczaka in the water more than a day does not make sense. The lure of the test will be diluted with water, and the lure of meat, in any case, will be eaten by fish during this time.

Overall, we can say that fishing korchakol more attracted anglers who have a practical rather than a romantic view of fishing. This is for those who catch interest more than the fishing itself.

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