Fishing jigs with no bait on the river

In winter the people like fish in standing water, be it lakes, pools, backwaters, and similar places, and in rivers where strong current. It can interfere with fishing, there is a big chance that the bait will just wash away in the current. Therefore, I want to note the option Besnainou fishing with a special kind of jigs. They are specially develop so that the bait for them is not needed, they and vibrations in the water and attract fish.


These spinners should be quite heavy, so welcome made of tungsten with a mounted triple hook. In addition, they must be elongated with a hole for a scaffold in the Central part. These lures are hard to get to the bottom and in its form, produce the required vibrations for attracting fish. The use of appropriate baits on the river significantly reduces the chances of a catch, and maybe all you will not find anything. So pick the right lure and you will succeed.

Fishing technique for this bait is quite simple — the first casts need to wait for it to sink to the bottom and then gradually raise and lower the lure in the water, creating the necessary vibrations. But there are times when the fish won’t take this bait. In this case, is to change the jig to another and try again. However, this method can take a long time and you won’t find anything.

Among anglers are of the opinion that the most efficient beznaeva jig is one in which the main part of the most narrow, with a hole for the line, and the rear part of the most extended and set the hook. During the movement against the current so the lure creates vibrations that attract the fish. This lure gives fish the impression that it floats in water small invertebrates, which she always eats and she gets the hook.

It is also worth remembering that fishing is for is accompanied by the constant search of fish. Don’t sit in one place, in the rivers over the fish never stay in one place, she always moves. So constantly moving from place to place in search of a bite, if your old it ended.

It makes sense to go back to the old hole and check the bite, as the fish could come back.

But always remember one rule — do not drill holes too close to each other, because fish do not like very bright places and is able to leave. Keep this in mind and you have on the table is always fresh fish. Good fishing to you!

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